Australian import

I have absolutely no issue with this being the Aussie thread

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Hey Mate,

Please keep us apprised of what is going on. I have had several friends in Australia over my career and I understand life is a bitch concerning Cannabis over there.

Peace my brother. Keep the line open :slight_smile:

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:earth_americas:that’s a shame in today’s world. People need to get educated on the plant. We are the best of the best. Nothing can stop he movment. Legalize

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I am also in Aus and have in the past purchased seeds from ILGM which have got into the country no problem, this is in Queensland, the seeds were packed extremely well, i don’t see how customs could have found them in my case but yea you can never tell, always a bit of a risk. Sorry to hear about your dramas SWSW, that really sucks, hope they didn’t get you with much…

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Hey. I’m in regional NSW and it was about 20 days from ordering till delivery in my letterbox. Awesome service. Won’t be going anywhere else.


I have tried recently after reading about ur site first batch a fail !! Other companies no problem… Nicely they resent to another address n name. And it’s coming up to four weeks and still nothing !!! Safe to suggest I will be very lucky if they arrive at all. 360$ Australian. My other companies from same town. Have NEVER FAILED. AA lot of time wasted, $$ wasted, and heat put to addresses. I’m bewildered they talk the talk but in my experience don’t walk it. I hope a mediator can ease my concern !!!

Queensland if you’re wondering

@ILGM.Claire Can you have a look at this customers issue please. @satan666
Thank you

@satan666 you are entitled to voice your opinions and thoughts don’t feel you will be looked down on for expressing frustration on this forum. For that matter don’t feel it will reduce our willingness to help you in this community in anyway with bringing success to your growing venture :slight_smile:
If your posts were offensive or too rude I would’ve removed them and let you know what about them was wrong :wink: I hope ILGM Support is able to provide you some clarification and with your feedback even be able to reduce the stress for others in the future.
Happy growing

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I removed my question/concern because it was clarified elsewhere. Cheers

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Glad things worked out for you

Hi Coontly,
I got seeds from ilgm about 6 or so weeks ago (white widow fem) took I while to sort out money transfer.
But when sorted out took about two weeks, excellent.
Started 1 seed 33 days ago under but light now 4" high
Lovely thick leaves and started flowering 2 days ago.
Let me say Robert and team from ILGM have the best seeds and advice around that have been doing it for a long time. THEY ARE THE BEST.:v::+1:pic of plant


Sorry to hear that. I suggest emailing the team and show where you transfered the money to,
I had similar problems and all sorted out very quickley.
I cant hurt to try.

Well said :v:

Only just became a member…im in Tassie and my order was super quick and had no problems. I rate ilgm as the best:)


hi just wonding about any one ease thats had orders to western australia because i have not got my order 21 aug 2018 at all re sent again 27th sept 2018 has not got here at all very dissapointed all that time for nothing goldtop17

I ordered 5 Mango Kush fem I received my order in 8 working days. I’m in se qld.i researched from where to buy from seeds and ILGM are the best. You can’t beat the stealth packaging. :+1:t2:


When is the best time to start growing in Western Queensland

Are you going to grow indoors or outdoors?

If outdoors it’s currently harvest season and you have to wait till spring

Outdoors West of Hughenden