Australian - First timer, some big questions!

@Missiles, did you see that cat right meow?

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Haha oh yes “meow” lol that was me the other night after smoking @ThcinKC samples :sunglasses:


OOOhhhhhhh, samples… me likey

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Hi mate I’m Gr8 from Aust central Coast hello fellow grower I ordered & received white widow feminised seeds got 10 & they gave me 10 free impressive sokeed & soaked 4 all sprouted they’re now in little grow pots & r raging I can’t recommend ILGM for grow support outdoor soil fertilizer etc etc go for it mate I ordered in cash no problems with delivery happy growing mate look forward to talking with u further on this drum my first couplevof times on here I think I,’,m doing it right

Looks like we have a mob. I in Melbourne hills, cold wet winters. Planted WW auto mid winter, outside at 7 days. from germination just to see what would happen…
She at close to 130 days and benchmark shape and style. I will post a pic at harvest, main cola at 75 cm, 8 other colas in her foreground facing the sun. I reckon she is still a couple of weeks away if we get warm weather. Still white hairs and she just starting to frost up.