Australian - First timer, some big questions!

Hello and greetings from Australia-

Quick intro: I smoked my first joint about 5 months ago and was blown away by the reaction I had. It was fun, and as I come from a clean family in terms of “drugs” and recreational use, it was also quite liberating.

I’m no pot-head. I rarely smoke and the guy who sold me my first gram opened a door to me that I may never close. I’m in a serious relationship with a straight shooting nurse and whilst we both agree on most things, especially regarding weed. She’d never let me grow it in the home- no problem.

This same mate of mine also buys an ounce of weed every fortnight for around $200-250 Australian.

My fellow Aussies and growers around the globe- I’ve got a few questions as I’m about to buy some gold leaf.

  1. The laws here in Australia are strict and I’m having panic attacks over my stuff getting pulled by customs. I live in far north Victoria and was planning on sending a money order to reduce the paper trail. What method of concealment does ILGM use? is it effective? will cash payment do me any favours?

  2. As an Aussie amateur who is heavily invested in the research and grow cycles, IE, everyrthig it takes to grow cannabis, I’m hoping to cultivate and sell weed in order to supplement my income (and also as a fun crafty challenge with the illicit thrill). Any illegal growers/sellers want to share their experience as a cultivator/seller besides the obvious?

  3. One of the major reasons I got into this was to eventually create my own RSO-style oil from the ideal strains mentioned by Rick Simpson so that I could aid any close friends or family in their battles with serious health conditions. - knowing what we know about the THC oil now, how could any of us do anything less?


There are a number of members here from Oz who might be able to help. @Not2SureYet has shipped stuff to your country and may have some insight. I do know Aussie Customs is pretty efficient.

It’s best to not disclose how seeds are shipped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@anon43727043 and also @StillSmokin I believe would be the guys you want to talk to. They are also in Australia and orders seeds all the time.


@Hungrybud is an Ozzie. So is @GreenCoat. I know there’s a few more but I can’t think of them at the moment


@Ausgrow. @Sth61The420State. Can you help your fellow country man?


Mate don’t worry yourself too much. The seeds aren’t your problem. If you’re going into growing to make money then you’ll probably get into some trouble at some point. You just need to remember the 10 crack commandments from biggie smells. Never tell anyone anything.


I dont grow to make money, i grow for the passion and for personal use. None of my friends know i grow, i STRICKLY keep it to myself.

The government does not like you making money off the grid so that will be your biggest undoing, not the growing side.

If i share my weed, “i got it off a guy i know”

And i definitely dont drive down to any local hydro shops to buy anything.

My grow is very covert and i keep the smell to an absolute minimum using carbon filters, aircon and other smells like burning oils to disguise it.

As for seeds being sent, thats the risk you take. But in saying that, all my seeds ive ordered from ILGM have arrived.


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Hi @Qanon, Welcome to the forum. There are a few Aussies on here that im sure would be willing to help out including myself. Not much more i can add as i reckon most of it has been covered by others.
Don’t be worried about ordering seeds & customs. Ive ordered many BM things online locally & from OS without any seizures. Their not too worried about small amounts of drugs for personal use entering the country, thats not to say it wont get seized. If they do get seized u will most likely just receive a letter stating that they were seized with no further followup. But that could put u on a watch list so its best to never use that shipping address again if that happens. Also if they did follow it up u can say someone sent them to you without you knowledge. They would have to really investigate your computer & financial records for them to prove otherwise. And just for a few seeds thats very unlikely to happen. Better still find a burner address for shipping, something like a empty unit with letterboxes that aren’t under cctv surveillance, also putting your own padlock on the letterbox will make it harder for theft if u r unable to pick up mail straight away. But never put that key on your keyring as it links u back to the lock on the letterbox & what’s potentially in it. You should be much more worried about growing & even giving weed away as thats considered supplying. Also best to research your state laws first so u know what u r getting yourself into & to better protect your rights if u were to run into problems with LE. (Know your rights & stay silent, don’t help them prosecute you by talking or making a statement. You are not obliged to do any of that, name, dob & address is all u need to provide.) Know your adversaries is a big one.
And that comes to the next bit.

Payment for seeds
I would strongly recommend using bitcoin to pay for anything like this as its much harder to trace if the proper steps are taken. Things like don’t transfer btc straight from say a coinspot wallet to the vendor. Best to mixup your coins to make it harder to follow the trail. Buy btc then transfer it to your own wallet then use that btc to buy Monero(XMR), then turning the Monero back into btc will make it hard to trace. Probably overkill for buying seeds but the financial trail is what usually brings most people undone in the game.
If u need more detailed instruction for buying btc or anything else feel free to hit me up.
Cheers & good luck with your endeavor.


Thank you! Great advice, very underrated. I will be finding a burner address ASAP

  • Would a cash payment in AuD as a mail order be safe? They said they haven’t lost cash in 12 months.

  • My main intention is RSO given just how incredible it is medically. I cannot fathom someone getting cancer, close to me, and not being able to do anything knowing I truly could.

  • That being said, I do intend on cultivating and selling around 10k worth of bud every year to supplement my income. My method would be simply letting a buyer take my crop and being done with it. Since I won’t be cultivating at home, there won’t be any raids and my choice of location will be discrete.

I’m interested in some of the precautions fellow growers in illegal states take regarding how they distance themselves from their final customers. I want to grow it as a medical hobby and side job. But want nothing to do with $20 - $250 bags. Washing my hands of my harvest so to say.

Once again, a burner address is a great idea- thank you :slight_smile:

Personally i would steer clear of a mail order as a payment method.
1st. You would have to go into the PO to pay cash which gets you on cctv, just like a bank.
2nd. Also these days they seem to want id for everything so that could be an issue but not sure as i only ever got one yonks ago.
3rd. Traceability. Im sure there’s info on the mail order that could link it to you & being snapped on cctv and not to mention your fingerprints & DNA on it also.
Now all this is probably a bit over the top for buying things like seeds. But think of your OpSec like your daughters virginity, once its gone there’s no getting it back.
Now about selling.
The best way would be to never meet or know the person your selling to. There are darknet market places online that can enable you to do this anonymously.:man_technologist::shushing_face: Offcourse there are other issues with doing it this way & you would need to do your research on how things work & how to stay stafe online.

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I told you!! Im a serial edit machine


Surely that can all be negated?

Use gloves, sanitise, buy stamps wearing sunnies + hat. Drop it in the mail box and done!

I mean compared to openly buying it online using digital info VS maximum discretion including burner address? That’s gotta be worth the risk.

In surprised with canada being legal now they still wont ship seeds to me lol bummer

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I just prefer to do the online option as its easier for me. Also cctv can prove it was you, digital records only prove it was a computer you used but others could have accessed it.
And forgot to mention with the burner address if your getting mail from OS u generally have to sign for it so that can be a problem. You would have to go into the PO(cctv !!!) & produce id to collect it which would be hard if u don’t have id with that false name on it.
With that being said the seeds i ordered from ILGM i didn’t have to sign for they were sitting in the letterbox. You may want to check with ILGM if you will need to sign for them on delivery.

You might find this some worthwhile reading.


Yes that is surprising. They ship here to Aus & NZ which aren’t legal countries.

Was there a shipping fee to Aussie? There was to nz :thinking: was free if you spent $150 or over. The mix pack was $149. :face_with_monocle:

Pretty sure there was, dont reckon they had free shipping back when i ordered. I got 3×10 option.

I only got the 3x5 seed option … that gorilla glue smells so yummy