Australian citizen beware


Further down in the article "Meanwhile, detectives in North Queensland say they have smashed a drug network, arresting 37 people on more than 120 drug-related charges.

Officers seized cannabis, MDMA, LSD and cocaine and a large amount of money."


Feeling nervous here…waiting over four weeks now and nothing. This morning I received an email asking for feedback on delivery, shipment time, germination ect. They haven’t cone so can hardly provide feedback. So as I said feeling that they will never come and given I am in QLD feeling that maybe there is no hope they will.


Have you tried contacting the company?


I did with my concerns last week and they emailed a short response to say “problems with shipping seldom occur”. Then I received an email start of this week asking for feedback on delivery and then I replied to that email and all that did itself was essentially log a ticket and that was all. From
The forum this appears to have happened to a few people who have gottent their seed a short time later. I understand the time of year and that it can take a while but given the location thought their may have been some more information given the timeframe and the concerns.


From Syd just received mine today ordered just before christmas tbh i didnt think they would come lol
but i think its just luck if they come or not i ordered the skywaler and durban poise good luck to the rest of you guys hope you receive yours


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Done and done


more power to the australian marijuana movement!! :pray:t5::fist:t5:


Done :white_check_mark: hope it works


Getting a reshipment ordered mine on 02 December 2017 and nothing came, not sure where they got to.


Sorry to resucitate an old thread, but just wanted to chime in with my experience. My first order to Victoria didn’t arrive in March, but was reshipped after 25 business days had passed. Reshipment left on April 9 and just arrived on May 9. Annoyed that the first shipment didn’t arrived but impressed that ILGM honoured their guarantee and reshipped.


My experience…:was ordered in December and never came…contacted ILGM support and reship arrived around 5 days from me being told it had been dispatched.

In addition had a poor germ rate on one strain and they sent more seeds to cover the difference that didn’t germ. 100% satisfied with the process, customer service the entire time was exceptional especially communication.

Fast forward a few months let’s just say the fruits of patience of waiting for them will be soon rewarded. So much so currently looking at the next batch to order.


They have worked your ways out as 3 times in a row confiscated, but my usual company has 10/10 times 100% so yes messed me up !!! So there is a problem !! You don’t seem to want to hear. So not lol Ozzy !!!


There is a problem, 3 times confiscated customs have worked them out. My usual company has never not got through. 11/11 100% success same addresses !!


Same everywhere, weed is an effectively harmless drug but gets lumped in with everything to boost statistics. And as weed is seen as such a “softer” target then it’s easier for plod to boost statistics by going for the easy target, makes it look like Plod is doing a better job than Plod is, as you point out with the Ice (Crystal for those who know other terms) never mind the obvious ones like heroin and fentanyl, as well as the marching powder.

But hard data cannot be ignored, and with the latest one from the Aussie Greens saying that the legalisatation of recreational marijuana could create in excess of AU$3 billion per year then, thanks to things like records of revenue raised in not only Holland but also, and especially, certain US states, the financial aspect of chasing down weed vs potential revenue raised, also meaning more resources can be used to tackle the opiate/meth problem which costs the country a LOT more, and that is from import to the social and financial costs of thievery and so forth, is one which which politicians in various countries will be unable to ignore before long.

I mean, look at the opiate/meth problem. The costs on the individual are beyond calculation, the costs to healthcare are ridiculous, the costs of theft, etc, to feed habits is unbelievable. Take, say, Au$2bn of the potential revenue raised from Marijuana and how many rehab places do you have? Take the resources aimed at marijuana now, and what do you have to use to tackle the REAL issues without spending an extra cent, never mind what you can add with anything left from cannabis revenue? The “hard” drugs problem is one which needs tackled on multiple fronts simultaneously, you need to hit the supply, break the dealing cycle, destroy the addiction. That means more rehab places to get people off, more resources to stop the stuff getting in.

You’ll never destroy the industry, even countries with the death penalty for drugs still have a drug problem otherwise they wouldn’t still be using the firing squads. But you can minimise it’s effects, and wasting valuable resources chasing up something that is known to do less overall damage to the finances and society of a country than a legal drug like alcohol is not going to help minimise the real scourge on society one little bit.


But they handled it well


@Mudcrab01 hey bud don’t spose you used to work at boom? If so this is bullets. Ordered a week or so ago. Playing the waiting game. Oh n I’m in qld. Hope I have luck soon :slight_smile: