Australian citizen beware


Further down in the article "Meanwhile, detectives in North Queensland say they have smashed a drug network, arresting 37 people on more than 120 drug-related charges.

Officers seized cannabis, MDMA, LSD and cocaine and a large amount of money."


Feeling nervous here…waiting over four weeks now and nothing. This morning I received an email asking for feedback on delivery, shipment time, germination ect. They haven’t cone so can hardly provide feedback. So as I said feeling that they will never come and given I am in QLD feeling that maybe there is no hope they will.


Have you tried contacting the company?


I did with my concerns last week and they emailed a short response to say “problems with shipping seldom occur”. Then I received an email start of this week asking for feedback on delivery and then I replied to that email and all that did itself was essentially log a ticket and that was all. From
The forum this appears to have happened to a few people who have gottent their seed a short time later. I understand the time of year and that it can take a while but given the location thought their may have been some more information given the timeframe and the concerns.


From Syd just received mine today ordered just before christmas tbh i didnt think they would come lol
but i think its just luck if they come or not i ordered the skywaler and durban poise good luck to the rest of you guys hope you receive yours


Signed and shared


Done and done


more power to the australian marijuana movement!! :pray:t5::fist:t5:


Done :white_check_mark: hope it works


Getting a reshipment ordered mine on 02 December 2017 and nothing came, not sure where they got to.