Australian citizen beware


For all Ozzie’s a word of advice , do not buy seeds from ilgm as they will not get through ,anymore, but they will keep trying t, so they say , but nothing get through , and then asking for a refund , they will even do that but you will have to wait another 3 weeks for even that to come through, so if you have a couple hundred dollars you don’t need for over 3 months just buy seeds here, I’m not a happy customer .being on a pension ,it takes a while to save the money for seeds as bills come first, now as I’m a outdoor grower ,I now have nothing in the ground for the season, which means I have a whole FN year to wait for any mj, thank you very much ILGM ,I have always used seed supreme , but wanted to support the site,by buying my seeds from ilgm ,only to have my grow year destroyed , I will never buy from ILGM again and advise anyone from Australia to look elsewhere as ilgm stealth does not work to get to Australia.


sorry to hear this @Coltfire,i wander what has gotten security up at arms?
MMJ is such a benificial plant why won’t they let folks alone…
goverment is not getting a cut so they figure screw everyone! again, i feel for your situation!


I’m sorry to hear your seeds didn’t make it to you, even after a reshipment! We do everything we can and are always on the hunt for new stealth packaging methods to get the orders through the customs, but Australia has always been a bigger challenge for us and allot of seedbanks with us.

However, most of our Australian orders do arrive successfully so that’s why we decided to keep supplying our Australian customers.


Lol hey Aussie!


@Coltfire I got mine and I’m in Australia :australia: how much did you order??


Got mine in a week


Not that much


C-mon @Coltfire , I’ve Seen You Around Forever And This Is The First Time HEREING Of this… Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work out… But You Can’t Honestly Tell Me That You Think ILGM Is WORKING Against You … that don’t make any sense… as we all know , you need alot of patience with this Hobby… :wink:
Much luv my fellow cultivator … hope you get things straightened out… :wink: Don’t bash the people trying to help you achieve your goals… :wink: $hit happens … :wink:
You know this… :wink:
Learn how to clone… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz i so agree with you man that’s right shit dose happen !


QUEENSLAND GROWERS WARNING! Hi guys, if anyone in Queensland buys seeds and they do not show up be careful, Customs is right on to it big time in QLD, they inform the local police who gets warrants to search the properties that they where marked to be sent to, i know as I just got raided today early in the morning, and I live in the bush 40min to nearest city, police drove for 31/2 hours to get to my place. So be warned if you live in QLD, do not buy seeds and get them sent to this state QLD, you can get them through WA though if you know someone who can pass them on.


Wow , sorry for your unfortunate visit. Hope all is well and they didn’t find anything.
Can’t f with the popo


dang, that suks!


Sorry to hear that, seeds Australia , to beat customs


Its so stupid ayy in Australia :australia: we have more things for police :policeman: to worry about then weed!!! Why don’t thay put there time and effort into getting the ice from coimg into our country?? Makes me so cranky that our government still calls weed a narcotic grrrrr


And once again sorry to hear that man


@swsw1550 how much did you order mate?



He posted that 6 days ago and doesn’t look like hes been back. I take it for what its worth. 6 posts on the first day the account was opened and nothing since. BTW all saying the same thing.

And as Paul Harvey would say- The rest of the story!

Thousands of cannabis plants in police raids near Esk


that sucks,i’m with them herion,and meth is what they need to work on…not mmj


I agree 100%, but the OP said that he got raided because they seized his seed order. Me thinks he may not have told the exact truth.

This was a huge conspiracy / growing operation that looked anything but professional to me. Its no wonder they got caught.


I saw that bust on the news a few days b4 this post.
He wouldn’t have been able to use the Internet to post that if that bust was him.