Australia outdoor tropics grow

Hi, growing somewhere in tropical north queensland australia outdoors in 3,3l pots organic for fun. Very curious to see how this turns out climate should be pretty good for it.
1x white widdow day 7

1x super lemon haze day 7

1x jack herrer day 7

Weather looks good for the forseable future with around 50-70% humidity and a bit of wind and sunny days.
Any comments greatly appreciated


Looking good is it spring in Australia right now?

Dry season here technically still “winter” I guess it would be similar climate to south florida or something my latitude is between 10-20 degrees S

Right on, we are just in late summer probably 2 more months until snow starts flying here in Montana. Good luck on your grow plants look happy!


If they are autos your ok but photos it’s Gunna be tough in summer up there