Australia outdoor: it is getting cold

Hi guys,

I started my auto White widow plants in late February in Australia. I thought they would be ready to harvest in 10 weeks. After spending time here on the forum I learned that is not necessarily the case.
I have 3 plants, 2 started flowering 4 weeks ago and 1 this week. Temperatures are now around 20C (70F) day and below 10C(50F) night. I take the plants inside at night now.
In 4 weeks I go on vacation for 2 weeks. I have someone for watering. Is it best to just leave them inside? Will the 2 more mature ones be ready by then? Any advice appreciated.


She look good just if the temp go more down of 70F you need to get a heater and humidity or just get a tent and light is go to help you went you weather go down to much good look on you grown

Looking good if u keeep inside u will wang to get some kind of area where u can put light on them. If only in for nighttime u might b ok. My ww autos go for 10 to 12 weeks usually some longer

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Thanks guys! Will get some light for indoors when it’s getting too cold to keep them outside.
And hope that the 2 more mature girls are ready in 4 weeks.

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70f is fine. Thats perfectly acceptable thats not even cold. Hell even 55f is acceptable for mature plants at night. You don’t need a heater for 70f

They will be fine outside. I always let mine go until near the first frost. They do perfectly fine. As long as it isn’t snowing and freezing temps it will probably even make them even better. Once you hit low 40s every night then i would worry about heat and bringing them inside.