Australia getting hit with floods again grrrrrrrr

Hey guys alot of yous will know that Australia just had a massive flood about a month ago and people are still waiting for there insurance claims to be filled out and there waiting for there homes to be fixed well alot of these people have been living there cars due to they cant get a rental property at all and now we have another flooding on ours hands and alot of these people dont have insurance or cant get insurance again due to the last flooding there has been lives lost and homes once again i dont know how these people are handling all this disappointment so please say a prayer for these people in this time of need ,i know LA has its own problems at the moment with the fires its like the world is going crazy


Good thoughts coming your way

Welcome to the end of the world!

And this is just the beginning of the end…gonna get worse. Much,much worse…

Stay safe in Oz!!
Good vibez brother!

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Will be sending up prayers :slightly_frowning_face:

Thoughts and prayers for all.