Aussie outdoor growing experience this Summer

This is 3rd time of successfully ordered seeds from ILGM. Very happy with quality of seeds (95%+ germination) and stealth delivery, though price in $AUD is high.
Received 10 + 10 White Widow Auto Flowers (WWAF), 5 Super Skunk Fem (SSF); 5 Amnesia Haze Fem (AHF), and 5 OJ Kush Fem (OJKF) seeds from ILGM in June 2019.
All plants started in small pots before being transplanted to larger outdoor pots that had been semi-submerged in the ground in secluded North facing plot.
Started season with 3 x WWAF on 22nd July 2019 in pots is green-house. All germinated, matured and harvested by mid October. Productive small bushes that gave me my first smoke for the season.
Serially planted sets of the rest of WWAF every 4 weeks for remainder of season with last harvested April 2020. (This last WWAF seemed to flower forever. Planted 22/11/19 - so that’s 4 months for an auto-flower! Massive colas on this small-medium plant.
Planted 3 seeds each of SSF, OJKF and AHF on 22/08/19. All germinated and grew to 2-3 metre dense bushes with masses of heads and many thick, long colas. All started in smaller pots before outdoor transfer into sub-surface larger pots. This year, I used much less nitrogen type fertilisers (some during vegetative stage and none during flowering) and much more regular Seasol Plus (soil and biome conditioner) to very good effect.
Summary: Despite the drought, bushfires and floods, this has been my most successful growing season in decades. The WWAF proved to be a quick and reliable crop in the early to mid part of the season. Clean, light daytime smoke. The SSF was a good producer of quality heads but was overshadowed by the excellent performance of both OJKF and AHF which were awesome. I now have enough dried quality puff to keep me and my wife in gear for the next 24 months. I’m stoked. Thanks ILGM for your support. You may be pricey to begin with but looking at the end results, I can only say that you’re a bloody bargain mate!
Bring on 6 months of social isolation - I’m prepared!


Welcome to ILGM forum. Glad to hear your girls have done well.

Hell yeah! Now if I can figure out how to make toilet paper out of the leftover biomass!

Stoked to hear about your success!


Thanks Bulldog and TripleA.
I’m in SE Australia, not too far from Canberra. It’s harvest time and 8 months of fostering these plants to fruition has made this Summer from hell evolve into an Autumn of seclusion, meditation and home-grown medication. I’m thinking this lock-down is just what the doctor ordered.
I am, your are, we are all in home care.


Welcome to the forum @Gondwana . I’m in the south east of Queensland . And yes you may pay more for the seeds . But there’s no other I’d rather buy from . When I had a problem with germination with a seed or two . They gave me a credit of 5 seeds with next order . Which I haven’t used . Then there’s this forum , which has people who can help you with information . Whether your a business , a lone grower . Hydroponic or soil . They are here . Good luck . Stay safe .


Yay another Aussie, we’re taking over, welcome to the forum.


Hi Kan from SE QLD.
Hi FrostyB - where you from?

How did your seasons go?

(Can you notice any extra smokiness from weeks of bushfire smoke taint?)

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Damn Aussie invasion! Its like the professional surfing circuit in the 80’s!

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I did start some . With the intention to take them bush , once they were about 45 cm tall . They got up to six sets of leaves , and the grounds keeper’s for where I live needed access to the yard . And where they were going to forever live . Got pushed down for new housing estate . Ended up giving them to a very old friend .

Hi @Gondwana I’m from SA.
Last year went well, I still have plenty of smoke left to keep me going until my indoor plant is ready, see here;
My indoor grow

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Gee, Frosty
Either that plant turned into a monster or you’re a pretty light smoker, if that specimen has kept you going until now!

Nah, last year I grew 4 plants outdoor, got about a pound and a half, this year it is one indoor where it’s safe from thieves.
I smoke about a gram a day.

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Nice work. Just wondering how long from ordering did it take to get the seeds delivered?

It took about 2 weeks for them to arrive to SA.


Is that from time of order or when they sent email
saying shipped?

That is from the time they said it was shipped.

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Good to know. Cheers

What’s growing on from western Australia all up I have made 3 orders with ILGM and couldn’t of asked for anything better truly a plesure and wouldn’t do buisnes with any one else 100% germ rate so far on time delivery and the genetics are fire!!! well done keep up the good work my friends


Welcome to the forum @boed there are lots of Aussies here and even a few kiwis.

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Hey I’m from WA to just germinated and planted my 1st strawberry cough seedling last week. I’m a newbie so need to do lots of research on how to grow these babies so any advice is welcomed :grin: