Aussie outdoor Aphid infestation incoming - Help!

Hey guys!

My outdoor babes will be in their third week of flower this coming Sunday.

Yesterday, I found a few aphids in one flower on one plant with a few carriers.
I had eco-oil pesticide on hand so I sprayed both plants then this morning we have had a light drizzle of rain (probably washed off with the rain).

This arvo I’ve had another look. I’ve since found more on a large fan leaf and deep in a few flowers on a few stems. I’ve picked off aphids from the flowers and pruned a couple leaves that were aphid harbouring.
I’m aware of the ant aphid relationship but there are no ants in the area.

I’m also assuming the second plant will also be harbouring some aphids even though I have not seen any yet.

So, does anyone have any go to remedies to get rid of these aphids from flowering plants that will have nil or negligible impact on the flowers? Any advice?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Cheers guys!

Hard to tell for me from the pics but looks more like spider mites than Aphids. Can they hop/fly? If not they could be mites.
Just water sprayed on the plants will wash either off. Adding some natural soap like Dr Bronners mixed with water will kill soft bodies insects both Aphids and mites. 5ml per quart water in a sprayer. Many natural ways.


Maybe you need to encourage lady bugs.

All sorted thanks guys. Did a search here and used a tomato, garlic, chilli spray. It’s .done the trick.

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Try a product called Beat a Bug, it’s available from Bunnings, made from chilli and garlic.

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I’ve seen that in bunnos last week. I’ve since had a few more pop up but have just removed leaves rather than spray in late flower.

Next grow I’m keen to try some predatory insects and just keep a closer eye on things

Thanks mate. A search on forum definitely helped

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