Aussie grow season


Hi all is it true the aussie weed season is august thru to april? I am in melbourne so the grow season is about now right?


Yes u can get your seeds going now, what strain u growing?


I germinated one outside in middle of July. I’m closer to Sydney though so a bit warmer. Just make your plants little humidicribs using a cut down soft drink bottle. This will improve humidity and stop the frost in the morning.:call_me_hand:t2:


Banana kush strain,seeds havent popped yet,im using a frogtank with fluros


Mine popped yesterday thru the soil, I’m over the ditch from u


Thus begins another legendary kiweed adventure!


I’m tagging along if that’s cool. Iv got one outside about 4-5 nodes and 2 indoors. Let’s grow some gumtree sized plants :call_me_hand:t2:


Be careful of slugs they can eat a whole seedling overnight.So ive got copper tape on the pots