Aussie first grow....advice on potting mix

First time grower here. I was hoping that some fellow Aussie growers could advise me on what they are using as a potting mix for their babies.
My are due to be repotted and was hoping to be able to get something off the shelf from Bunnings.
Any advice would be appreciated…

@Ausgrow I can’t remember who else is there but I’m sure others will be around.

Thanks for the tag @DoobieNoobie . I use osmocote seedling mix for seedlings and young plants. (I start most indoors in coco.) when I transfer from indoor coco to a soil grow I use my veggie garden mix (organic compost 30%, organic garden soil 50%, cow manure 20%.) on the bottom half then the seedlings mix ontop making sure there’s about 100mm of seedling mix under where the plant will get transplanted before the “hot” soil underneath. This gives the plant some time to adjust before it reaches the fertilised soil. I’m not an expert but I can get the job done. Here’s my outside plant now. I planted it in mid winter.


Got this from Bunnings. From shelf to pot, so far is working great. It says that has a natural slow release nutrients for up to 3 months. Have no ideia what is inside, but my plants are loving :laughing: :laughing:

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Thanks dude, have seen it on the shelf there, will pick some up tomorrow and see how it goes:)

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Get some perlite as well. I’ve mixed my with 7 scoops of soil and 3 of perlite

Will do, dont want the ladies to get wet feet…

Love the Canna terra professional no complaints on my first indoor grow :+1:
Watch out for fungus gnats in the cheap stuff @Elwood @Ausgrow @DoobieNoobie

Happy xmas to all the Aussies