Aus deliveries.?

Any word on when shipping to Australia
will return.?


Would love to know too!!!

Unfortunately no updates at this time, sorry!

With the poor quality auto seeds that have been supplied this year I doubt anytime soon.
Most are rubbish green tiny things that don’t even look like they will germinate.
My emails have been ignored re germination guarantee as they are not shipping to aus.
It’s annoying that I’ve had to come on the forum for the second time to get a response.
I have I have requested a refund.
No response.
Order #2021535

Hi there,

I’m so sorry about your disappointing germination results. Of course, we will refund your payment!
I see my colleague asked for your info in order to refund your payment on the 18th but I don’t see a reply to that email yet. I do see you’ve filled in a new ticket, I will pick this up right away to help you out with your refund.

Hi Stacy
I do not have an email from your colleague.
I did fill in a ticket that is because I did not have a response to my emails. I don’t have a reply from the ticket either.
I can’t respond to something I don’t have.
What ‘info’ do you require?

Hi there,

Oh I see, that’s odd!
I just sent you an email one hour ago, did you receive that one? If not, I will PM you here to get this sorted and make sure you get a refund. :slight_smile:


No, I have not received any emails from ILGM since 3 August asking for feedback on the auto mix pack. That’s it. Nothing else.