Aus Bag seed grow journal


Haha! I didnt. That woulda effed me up.


:smiling_imp: That’s the best way to forum :smiling_imp:


Check it out. It’s a white tip eating a funnel web. About the third photo down. The white tip was about 30mm long. :scream: this was just in my back yard.



Y’all have some scary sh*t down under! Lol


It’s messed up. I only live about 100m from the coastal escarpment so in summer it’s a snake and spider friendly habitat


I live on the edge of town, in the middle of the desert, basically. We get scorpions and spiders, but very rarely see a snake even. There seems to be so many more things trying to kill you there.


These are a picture I just took in natural light. The EC reading came in high so Wednesday they’ll get a flush with PhD water. How are they looking to you guys with the knowledge???


They look like they’re either getting too hot, or possibly low humidity. Otherwise, they look pretty healthy. Try to cool it down, but keep don’t what you’re doing. What size are your containers? They’ll probably take a while to fill those with roots, but then you’ll have some monsters once they get going.


They are 50L or 13.3 gallon pots, I really want to fill the tent prior to flower. I’ll be scrogging too so as long as it’s all full width I’ll be stoked. I think they must be too hot. I seem to have the humidity at a constant 40-50%. I might lift the lights again and see if that helps.


Scored a free shirt :call_me_hand:t2:


Yea yall do have some freaky critters kickin it around there. 8 or 9 of the 10 deadliest snakes and/or spiders if i recall


Yeah sounds about right. We’re pretty desensitised to it I think. I don’t think about it until i run into something.


That’s more or less the equivalent of “get f*cked” in American English, hey?


Yup. Love too ask my aussie mates who they rooting for this year. My boy usually starts naming off chicks :joy::joy:


I dated an Aussie chick for a while. She got a kick out of places like “Fanny’s Bistro” and “Roto-Rooter” :joy:


Never dated an aussie… is it to be recommended @Ausgrow or @elheffe702? :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:


They spin the opposite direction.

Only kidding of course. No different from any American woman I’ve dated, really. It was interesting to compare cultures.


Thats my big deal too. Everytime i meet a cute lady from some other country i expand my vocabulary just a bit… you havent lived until you have told a hot egyptian chick ‘kaif al hal’. Like seriously it got me further then any introduction ive ever used. PERIOD

Think it was just the fact i put effort into learning something foreign. But she really appreciated the gesture. I ended up getting a decent learning experience outta the deal.


Mexicans. I’m just saying.