Aurora Indica growth during flowering

Hi, I’m new here. I have an Aurora Indica (Nirvana seed bank) plant growing hydroponically in a small grow box. It really gained height during last week of veg and now I have it on 12/12 to start flowering. I’m worried it might outgrow my box, which would really disappoint me considering the effort I have put into this. Can anybody with experience with this strain give me an idea how much more height it should put on during flowering? I’m hoping only 25-50%, which should be manageable.

How many weeks of veg ? If only two or three weeks you may experience 30 to 50% more growth. But you can train your branches to maximize exposure to light.

Five weeks of veg. It started out slowly until I increased the lights and raised temperature. Then it took off. So maybe I’ll be OK?

Oh yeah, you’ll be fine.

No evidence of flowering after ten days at 12/12. Should I be worried?

add two week to listed harvest time (at least 1 week). next time one can top or use another method to control height - but purchase short plant seeds

So what you’re saying is it could take two weeks to see any changes? And yeah, I bought this strain because it’s short and bushy, but still… If this was growing outside of the box, I would have no worries. It actually looks quite good.

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Can you upload any pics ?

what is Nirvana’s listed flower time ? let go fro there. At any rate you are in the pre-flower stage; it goes like this:
Vegation stage 2 mos’
Pre-flower stage 1-2 weeks (this is the time once you go to 12/12 and when you see the first signs of bud development - the you are in ) so soon you will start to see buds generally it takes 7-10 days (+)
Flower time -1-4 mo’s

Here are some pics, 11 days into “pre-flower” now.

Flower time is listed as 7-9 weeks.

add 1-2 more weeks

They seem to really like the lights you have.

I uploaded this for you because I thought I saw a couple of lower leaves showing a symptom. I’m not a pro but I do know if you catch it early it could be a bummer. If big leaves underneath aren’t getting enough light you should take a few out to allow plant resources to go elsewhere.

I’m interested in Aurora myself, I like it’s characteristics. I’ll be following your progress
-good luck with it

Yes, there are some lower leaves not looking well. It’s tough to keep the nutrients and PH perfectly balanced, but I’m learning. And I have trimmed some of the bad leaves off, also some have just fallen off. Am reluctant to remove more at this stage, but you’re right, the lower ones aren’t getting any light anyway. So maybe I should. Thanks for the input.

Thanks, will keep you updated!

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Your leaves do look nice and big. Looks like your on your way to having some smoke.

If it would just start flowering already. Killing me!

So here’s how it’s looking after two weeks of pre-flower and 3.5 weeks of flower.

The leaves are not yellow like you see. Just some funky lighting weirdness when I took the shots. Wanted to show the trichome development and such. Still have a ways to go. Must…be…patient!

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Nice looking plant. I almost always run out of patience while waiting for harvest…lol
Looks like you will enjoy the fruits of your labor