Aurora Indica by Nirvana, organic indoor with Biobizz nutrients

Hello everybody!

I’m Cocho, and this is my grow log.

I’ll start of with the basics.

I’m currently growing a Aurora Indica (single) in a 60x60x150 Secret Jardin DS60, with a 200W Dual spectrum CFL which I have mounted to a semi-wide reflector.

These are paired with a 100 milimeter exhaust fan and a carbon filter. The conditions inside the tent, normally are around 27C/80F and 50% RH.

The nutrients I’m using comes from BioBizz, and are as following:

BioGrow - a solution made for the vegetative state of the plant. But will continue to be used through the whole life cycle of this plant.
BioBloom - a solution made for the flowering state of the plant. And will be put in to the watering schedule after just a few weeks.
TopMax - a solution made to increase the production of flowers, and I’m told it also enhances the taste of the bud. This is my first time using this.

I also have a tub of Molasses, which I plan on adding later in the grow. And some Epsom salt, since these nutrients lack a little bit of magnesium, which probably will be needed as she matures.

If anyone wants to know more specific information on my setup, please ask.

The little one is 26 days old today, and she has been through a flush due to some sudden changes in the pH-value (measured in my runoff). Around a week ago I noticed that she was “droopy” and had some “claws” here and there. So I watered her a day early, since I assumed the issues came from under watering, since she was growing in a big pot, and I didn’t want to provoke root rot in the bottom of it (so I might have been a little “cheap” on the water). So to counter that I gave her enough water for some runoff, but when I measured the runoff, the pH came out at 4! I figured I had to do something about it, and came to the conclusion to flush her. So that’s what I did. After that I’ve been keeping an eye on here, making sure everything has been okay.

And today I gave her some water for the first time in 6 days. I gave ger 2 liters (8,5 cups) of water, mixed with 2ml of BioGrow, then following up with 0,5 liter (2 cups) of pure water.

This is her as of today.

She is growing in a 15 liter pot (4 gallon) with organic soil, which I have mixed in 2/7 parts of Perlite and 1/7 part of Vermiculite. I topped her once in the beginning, and have been tying her down (LST) since then. Now she is growing under a home made ScrOG net, which I will add more string to if needed.

If there’s anything you’d want me to add, please let me know.

So, what do you think? Does she look okay, do I need to worry about the pH and are there any signs of illness? If you have something to add feel free to give me feedback. The more help I can get, the better!



Hello :wave: @Cocho
Welcome to the forum
Let me ask you this
What type of water are you using ? Well ,city , Ro ?
ph is very important and I suggest you get a meter to test it and Not the liquid type also stay away from the cheap dual
Probe style metets they are notoriously inaccurate
Ph is a cause of so many issues especially im a beginners garden
Do you have a meter now ?
You want to adjust your ph or water and nutrients to 6.3 - 6.8 for organic soil
And want to maintain soil ph in thay range as well tne plant seem to be healthy at this time
If i can assist further let me know
Ill try to post a few meter links for you but any meter is better then none


Welcome to the forum @Cocho this place has the best people from around the world growing in multiple mediums and have an unreal amount of knowledge and no one is judgmental in any way!! you can search my user name and find my journal for 2 ILGM Blueberry autos that I have just going into flower…



Hello, and thank you for your feedback!

I live in a country with really clean water. We don’t have to “pollute” the drinking water with Chlorine.
So I’m using my own tap water.
I do have one of those pH testing kits from GHE (liquid tester), which changes color that indicates the pH level.

But… what makes you say that I need to adjust the pH in organic soil? You’re one of the first people I’ve ever heard say that. Most people believe pH-UP and pH-DOWN components are taboo when it comes to organic soil, especially super soil.

My mix is not super soil. But it contains Coco in stead of peat. And there’s no dolomite lime or whatever mixed in to it. I just wanted to add this, because I believe it might be important regarding your response to me.

And the light I’m using was far from cheap. About 80 USD for 200W. I have a 400W HPS here too, but there is no way I’ll be able to use that. It generates to much heat for this tent. So I use it with the other tent, which I don’t have room for in this apartment. So the 200W CFL just have to suffice.

But here’s a “riddle”;

The soil I’m using has a pH of 6 - 6,5.
My drinking water comes out at about 8 (it contains some minerals from the mountain ground)… but when I add nutrient, it comes out around 7.
But my runoff came out at 4.
That my friend does not make sense.

But the plant looks okay. But I’m always looking in to her. Can’t seem to wrap my head around this. To strange for me. The pH of the runoff should be around 7, not 4.

Anyways… hit me with some more knowledge!

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Hey, and thanks you!

Yeah, that’s the reason I came here today. Someone told me this was a friendly place, with a lot of knowledge.
So I thought I would give it a try!
I’ll make sure to check out your journal!


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Welcome over @Cocho.

Remember to tag usernames with @ or they won’t know you responded.

I’m curious as to which ph would be correct in an organic soil/coco mix.


Just saw your post brother @Cocho
Tag me by adding the @ symbol in fromt of user name this will notify me that your directing a question at me lol
What i meant was you should get a base reading of soil ph in my experience your basic organic garden tyoe soils are not adjusted when mixed
Mj likes ph levels of 6.3-6.8 in soil above or below that level will cause problems
So it was just a suggestion
I willget a baseline reading whenever i use new soil by doing a slurry test on soil
And nice i run well water as well
@arcticGrow coco is best keeped lower more in hydro range 5.5-5.8 I believe let ne tag @Myfriendis410 he uses coco so he can help us here
Organic soil is 6.3-6.8
So i would have to say it would depend on mix ratio for you
i use promix myself which is a peat based medium but still is phd at soil levels
Happy growing guys

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@Cocho I had very bad luck eyeballing the pH color. I bought a digital meter for about $12 US and was VERY surprised at the actual readings. @bob31 suggested I do a slurry test to know what the actual soil pH is. @Countryboyjvd1971

Use 3 tablespoons water pH’d to 6.5
Add 3 tablespoons soil from pot and stir.

Let it stand for 15 minutes, stir again and test. The results of this will tell you how you should handle your water… Again, check out my journal. I hope this helps.


That’s exactly how its dine @jusgettinby thanks
For explaining
Im shade color blind so the luiqid is out of the question for me and leaves to much open to interpretation imo
I also feel even a inexpensive digital is the best option

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I know a couple of organic growers that claim same as you, and will not under any circumstances add standard store bought ph up and down to their soils. However, I’m also certain that they all amend their soils with lime, they all monitor ph, and they all have some sort of natural ph adjustment method on hand.

The one that I’m most familiar with taught me how to grow, and will absolutely insist on adding dolomite lime to soils. His method is to amend somewhat heavily with dolomite lime, and then water and feed with a ph in the 6.0-6.3 range. I believe he is on a well and his water is filtered and comes out at about that point. When he feeds its lower and he bubbles back to that point.

He believes that a runoff doesn’t actually represent the ph in root zone but if you monitor it you can at least catch a swing that will represent any trends in your soil. If it starts to trend low you can treat with more lime. If starts to trend low I believe he adds some sort of potassium phosphate

Not sure if that helps you moving forward.

It absolutely saved my girls, I was about to cook them and just didn’t know any better… I was following the feeding schedule. And then as my plants were showing the pre-flower pistils, I was going to give them their 1st Bloom nutes and read that if I did that at just the 1st site of pistils, as most people understand to do it, I would stunt an auto-flowering plant! Who knew? @Cocho @Countryboyjvd1971

Forgot to give props to @garrigan62 for the post on @Mikos thread about the growth cycle of auto-flowers!!!

As a result of my subsequent readings, I’ve not given them anything but pH’d water, no nutes at all. They’re vibrant strong and doing their pre-flower, 4-week stretch! I’ll give them their 1st Bloom nutes Friday as I can’t let them get too tall, they grew an inch overnight!!

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to grow cannabis using coco – perlite!!
Your run-off is hovering around pH 5.9-6.

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@garrigan62 he wa sasking about using a organic soil and coco mix and what the best ph level should be
Would it still be best @that 5.8-6 level with the organic soil in the mix ??

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Better now? I thought the “reply” button was enough to tag someone in a post. So that explains why it took a few days to get an answer :wink: hehe!

Well… the soil I’m using is a locally produced organic soil mix, where the peat has been replaced with coco.
The soil is pH’d to 6 - 6,5 from the get go, and can be compared to a Light Mix. But I’m not sure if they adjusted the soil when mixed. But what I do know is that this soil is made for indoor growing, and therefore it’s “clean”, and should not contain any unwanted materials.

The weird thing about the runoff is that my water comes out at 8,5, but still the runoff came out at 4 the first time. But when I went back to the tent, the next day, after I did the flush. The water in the tray came out at 6.
What’s that all about? I know I’ve read somewhere that a lot of people let their samples “rest” for 24h before they do the test. Does that sound reasonable or not? And does that have anything to do with the fact that this is organic soil?

Because I don’t want to mess with the pH of the soil, if I risk ruining everything, because the actual pH-value were fine, and the runoff ended up being misleading in some way.

What do you think?

I also want to add that before I even started I mixed my soil with 2/7 Perlite and 1/7 Vermiculite.
So it should be " fluffy" and nice. It did however compress a little when I flushed, due to the huge amount of water. But it still looks fine I guess.

Edit: Just bought a bag of Dolomite granules. That was the only kind the garden center had. But I guess it will work just fine?

@Countryboyjvd1971 @arcticGrow @dbrn32



Perlite and vermiculite is inert, but you’re growing in a mix unknown to me.

I only grow in peat moss/soilless mix, use ph 6ish tapwater and luckily do alright.

New update with pictures!

Today I removed most of the big fan leaves, and hopefully she’ll love me for that when the new growth starts filling her out. I’ve also done a new round with some light LST (and I think this will be the last round).
So next week (over the weekend) I will rely fully on the ScrOG screen and no LST.

Like I posted yesterday; I bought a bag of Dolomite Granules. The plan is to grind 1/2 tablespoon of them into “flour” and add it to the water and BioGrow mix. I’m also planning to up the dosage of nutrients next time I water her (2ml/l). Hopefully the dolomite will provide a better pH-value of the runoff. But I’m still scared that this will !@#$ up for me later or something.

That is why I added pictures to this post, so that you can see for yourselves how she looks.

The conditions inside the tent are something around 27C/80F ± a few degrees, and about 60% RH.

So what do you think? Would you add the dolomite, or… ?

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If you’re ph is off and you can’t remedy it with water, then you’ve got to do something right?
The dolomite will buffer the ph.

@Nug-bug The pH used to be off, that’s why I flushed. But the little lady looks healthy and nice now, right?
So it might be okay? I was told to listen to the plant, and stop getting caught up in testing and numbers.
And yes, the dolomite will buffer the pH, but so will my water. So I will hold of with the dolomite and give her a larger dosage of nutrients in stead.


Unless it’s the lighting playing tricks on my eyes,she’s not Uber green so she probably could use a shot of food.
Just make sure you ph in proper range and see how she responds.

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