August Bud of the month 2018


245486# chocolope


White Widow autoflower. Order # 277915


white widow autos order 239124


OG Kush

Order #123741


How do I upload a pic


In your phone lower right side of reply screen
On computer its up top in tool bar @Newgrowjoe


Here is the Banana Kush I submitted last month and came in second. So close but no cigar. I have harvested this bud and the another BK I grew with it. One plant smells like grape and the other smells like a very ripe banana. Excellent smoke and easy to grow. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a fruity smoke.

Order number 232744

Good luck everyone


amnesia haze


@Newgrowjoe, I’m new to all this, but apparently you need to include your ILGM order number to be considered for ‘Bud of the Month’ consideration. Rules amigo.


Mango Kush order 263405. Week 6 of flower. I will post an update before the 21st


Some very tasty looking buds posted. I may as well give at another try. Here is my Northern Lights Auto. Order # 277008


Picture taken on harvest day of my first grow. Completely humbled by this entire experience, and the beautiful colors this plant had to show me! :heart_eyes:

Northern Lights Autoflower - Order #177399


We have some absolutely beautiful buds on so far this month everybody please make sure to have your order numbers with your one picture for it to count entries close in five days ladies and Gentlemen


White Widow autoflower. Order # 171096


Super Silver Haze,270881


Great stuff


Everyone is killing it woohoo
@Newgrowjoe with out your order number you will not be entered
Please edit post if you want to be considered on voting day


Less then 24 hours before entering closes and votes begin


Chemdawg order# 250727 ILGM’s scariest strain.


Entry’s till midnight get them in everyone good luck