August 2017 Bud of the onth Contest


I found this out looking at the bud porn with a lot of folks not having #. Not sure your solution is but I’d contact them


Cool thanks! I’ll contact them, next time I’ll save the # so I don’t create more work for someone! :heart_eyes:

Getting pics tonight of BB AF, she is 7 weeks in flower today, mostly milky, and super fat ! Maybe a week to ten days left, average flower time is 55 days. Can’t wait! Plus, NLs and GL need room!


I assume your entering her in bud of month. Already anticipating a Beauty. Can’t wait to see


If they will look them up let me know I got seeds from last year and no #s


Absolutely stunning
That’s a Wicked Witch if I ever seen one!!


If I am within the time limit can update my pic ?

December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest

@Fever You can edit if it is done by the 21st at midnight


@ntmaremach You sure do grow bodacious buds


@Oldstoner Great bud not the best arm model :grimacing:


Lmao hillbilly it is a tired old arm


@Oldstoner ya gotta think what would Hugh Hefner do! He used Marilyn Monroe !


@Tonyb I’m currently growing a northern lights auto, I’m hoping it looks as grand as yours when all done :+1:


All kinds of gold leaf entries!! Can’t wait to start mine in a month or so.


I just realized how stupid I was to enter a flowering plant at the beginning of submissions


White widow auto some of the best i have seen, thanks Robert, order # 174591 wwa,



@Oldstoner that is absolutely amazing.


Flowering plants are nice to @Fever I would still show You some love✌️


I got me a blueberry auto growing currently. Hope she gets buds that big👍


Absolutely not. Do not ever customer support or anyone other than me in
regard to this contest. Do not bother the office!!!

Your order # is in the confirmation email. If you deleted the email then
you must wait until you have a valid order # allowing you to compete in
the contest. :slight_smile: lw-admin