( Attention everyone )Thank You card for I❤️GM staff and employees to another great year in 2017!

I want to be the first person to start a thank you card for everyone that works and is affiliated with ILGM if it wasn’t for you guys I never would’ve learned a lot of stuff being an outdoor Grower is a totally different ballgame then indoor and I want to thank everyone for all their help including the people that are a member kudos to you guys have helped a lot of people and I appreciate it thank you ( I would love to send them a thank you card and everyone sign it but that is impossible so this is the next best thing )

                          Thank You all 

This is for old and new members and customers please feel free to sign


I started on this forum back in December of 2015. I was the newest newbie who had ever been, when I first came.

After taking the time to read the threads and ask some questions, I quickly became an amateur grower. From there I just kept learning from everyone who was sharing and posting.

It’s amazing to think about how a collection of people can come together and all make such a great bond, without ever actually meeting. Although I have met 2 members, and wish I could meet you all honestly!

So I too, wanted to thank you ILGM and the moderators and the staff and all the members, and a big shout out to Robert for helping me out so long ago! I wouldn’t be here growing and smoking this bud without you guys, I know it.

Thank you,
Keith Treez



thank you ilgm!!! my adventure started dec.2016, new kid on the block,and a happy kid!!!


Thanks I am a newbie myself and have had a lot of help. Everyone is so kind.


I would like to send best wishes and thanks also to all Iglm employees for making this all possible
S it’s a wonderful thing that people who share such a love and for our hobbies came get together and share our thoughts also get help when needed
Thanks for everything :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:Countryboy jvd71


A BIG thank you to all members and staff, and an extra one to Robert for starting the forum, and for sending the weekly tutorials, they and everyone else have been nothing but helpful from the day I joined. So thank you again.


Thanks I :heart: GM for making our grows GREAT!

One of your new most loyal customers!



I :heart_eyes: ILGM and this site! I have met a lot of great people and some in person ! Great network for growers.


Thank you ILGM Staff. Great site, seeds and help! :+1::yellow_heart:


Robert did a outstanding job with the website



Learning a lot from everyone here, and couldn’t have done it without you!


I will give a shout out to everybody on this forum … thanks guys for all the hard work and dedication that goes into this project. … :wink:
I’ve been here for a minute and I’ll be here longer than a second… so good luck and happy grows…

:v: :sunglasses:


Thank you ILGM and every member out here! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you! I’ve heard my Buds say, “God Bless You, Robert Bergman” - they sort of sing it, like to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I’m working on a translation of the rest of their song! :smiley:


Thanks to the ILGM crew. Thanks to Robert. We all enjoy the learning and teaching here.:sunglasses:


Thanks ILGM, I came here looking for seeds actually and indoor growing equipment when I found the forum and that’s was August of 2014 and transitioning from gorilla growing outside only in season to indoors this forum help me in that transition, pkus it was like 10-15 people here I think, but Macgyverstoner, Late wood and Garrigan62 help me make that transition and as a beginner rookie newbie still ill like to thank you guys for creating a site where like mind individuals can share Intel on growing one of the greatest healing plants many of need on a daily to sustain a basic sufficient life, Thank you!!!


Please fill free everyone share


I’ve been around about a year and a half and I have watched as the site has grown.

Robert has created a safe place to come to read and chat, get educated and relax, for people to come and share knowledge, experiences or just tell a joke and look at the great photos!
The format is clean and neat, no flashing ads from lots of other businesses, no swearing, just friendly people.

The staff is great, Claire, Stacey, Roy (Congratulations on the baby!) and all…not many people for such a big organization, and it’s growing.
Thanks to the mentors for all the guidance.
And thanks to the participants…it’s the people that stay and share that help make this forum such a great place to come and hang out.


This is a great idea Brother!

I came looking to improve over my few years of previous grows. This was the third attempt and I found myself at home.

There aren’t proper words to fully express my gratitude for everyone involved here. From Robert all the way down to the newby just getting here.

Getting and giving the information here has been a pleasure that has helped me get past thinking of society as a bunch of disrespectful pricks! This forum gives me a place to socialize which is something I’m not big on.

Thank you all…


Sorry to be arriving so late to the party. Shout out to all the staff, moderators, and everyone else involved in making this thing go round. Everyone here is awesome from the growers to the staff. I’m glad I stumbled upon this place first. I couldn’t be happier, oh and the seeds. Usually about 2 weeks from when the order is confirmed that are at my door.