Attempting to grow Wedding Cake without a bakery

Hello folks and Happy New Year to everybody. I purchased 5 wedding cake seeds from ILGM and planted just 4 of them about a week ago, two started to grow but the other two look like the seed opend but nothing is sprouting out yet. Seems like I am here alone and attempting to do something I have no idea what I am doing ha ha. I placed these seeds directly in small rock wool pots the small ones about 1" square @ base and .50" top. Not sure if they were too saturated with water or not I had them in a square planting dish with some sort of material wick that sits in the starter water mix from ILGM seedling powder. I have a LED grow light looks purple but many different LED colors about 3" away from the tops of the Hmmm plants that did start growing. I feel as though they should be bigger but still I have no clue. Today I took them all OFF of that saturated mat and just sat them on a paper towel on a heating pad which is about 95deg. F The rock wool is about 72 degrees with my red dot heat measuring device sorry forgot the name of it. Please let me know what I should do to improve my grow. The plants NOW which have started to grow stand about 1" high one plant looks nice an green with two small purple leaves maybe 1/4" maybe a little less. The other plant apears to have yellow leaves but small and purple but still very small. I thought they sent me DUD seeds and only one grew. I orderd some fox farm potting mix to try to see what happends to plant in this. Please let me know

I never start seeds in rockwool growing i. Soil. Just seems like it wont transplant the best… and they tend to hold water a bit too much (peat does too). So I just start my seeds in solo cups filled with soil and perlite.

4-5 days is when I start to worry, but dont go digging thru the rockwool yet, check to make sure its still damp, then give em a few more days. Actually have had seeds pop 2-3 weeks later when the soil was reused and wet again.

Doing pretty good keeping everything warm, seems to be the biggest hurdle in the offseason. Give em a bit more time

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Thanks Purp & Gold for the advice wow two weeks it might take. Yes it was 20 degrees here outside and I am attempting to grow off season. I just hope Im not wasting my ttime and effort on these seeds. Oh my PH is 7.0 Just wondering if by taking the plants OUT of that saturated pot if this would improve the grow rate. When I pick up the rock wool cubes they do not drip water BUTT when I squeeze the ones which have no seeds they are pretty much saturated

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Not dripping but expelling when gripping is kinda perfect. Dont want it pouring out but moisture should be squeezable.

I wouldnt transplant at this point. May cause more harm then help. Like I said, keep em warm and give em the ole college try. May surprise ya. If not, lesson learned.

Welcome to the community @Kenthomaz. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: