Attempted perpetual grow

Indoor grow room 5x5 vege with 2 hlg 100s and a 4x4 flower tent with 1 hlg550 b2 rspec with uva bar in middle. I’m growing in a bagged pitting mix called coco loco and just recently started using roots organic. Roots only in vege still. Like I seen others mention hers it’s hard to get the flower tones down to perfectly time plants so you have plants ready to go in certain. Dates line clock work so since doing this for the past few months I have learned a lot about my environment and I’ve learned this doesn’t totally suit my needs. So. I got the cloning machine. I’ve been picking plants based on George structure and general hardiness of plant with vigorous growth and I cloned it 9 times this I want to vege all 9 for a few weeks with some
Training and then flower all of them at the same time in a new flower tent just for mono crops. Keep the perpetual goin on the other side and keep working the kinks out of that too because that is ultimately my pheno hunting tent. I guess. I’m just learning along the way here. Uploading: 13511DD1-7DB4-421F-A9C0-5AD46B0F7D6E.jpeg… Uploading: E28E2099-C92D-4AD9-99FC-351E9DEDB8CC.jpeg… Uploading: C88A1691-D5CB-4C09-AB21-77FA16FA01FE.jpeg… Uploading: F63CCCA5-8DAF-4DB4-BE78-047195A60B27.jpeg… Uploading: 1D19519F-A4AF-4420-85A9-6B036CAE6B9F.jpeg… Uploading: 5AC00ABC-E622-436A-BD2F-412793D0B554.jpeg… Uploading: 08EBEB4C-3F89-4437-9B05-C7C528238AD3.jpeg… Uploading: B5913BD7-0CA6-40B5-BB69-C7E745505AE7.jpeg… Uploading: C5DC8CE3-5B41-4C10-8783-BF28444570CA.jpeg… Uploading: B3BFF890-65FC-4484-B514-2991F3819618.jpeg… Uploading: 2090FDAE-FE5E-4C7E-B9CA-E3C04E357954.jpeg… Uploading: 6EB0A719-3FA1-4C78-A277-F5EB0899EBE3.jpeg… Uploading: 7355C7B6-E8F5-46F2-8D6C-1C62B6B405F2.jpeg… Uploading: 8E1A2726-3A3D-4710-AD06-3E523E0D939D.jpeg… Uploading: 7B49FF14-32C6-4CD4-AC7C-C5E5E614F4CA.jpeg… Uploading: 28ADFFC6-8105-43E7-A77F-91E1C95C98F2.jpeg… Uploading: 5177E469-24D2-4ED1-A79A-0A73489C8A12.jpeg… Uploading: 20DC6F8A-CC0B-4D05-AABD-E3F562962E5A.jpeg… Uploading: D17D2C8C-E4FD-4B88-BB25-C9EA2BE1445D.jpeg… Uploading: B0381B96-AE86-4644-B4C8-64C477E02CE5.png… Uploading: 7DE2EA01-689E-4265-9DA4-1193C8CDFA53.jpeg… Uploading: 3022A831-5020-4200-90C9-1C6F9C05D8D2.jpeg… Uploading: 1125ED52-C413-457E-8079-74822D9F9DD5.jpeg… Uploading: DEA5B384-CA1D-41AC-A3CD-4723E5C018FD.jpeg… Uploading: 61D863C0-A88B-4760-9FDC-9A9B570F0CAA.jpeg… these 2 girls are at day 70 and had an ice bath yesterday. Maybe get another tomorrow idk. Or maybe they go to dark period 72 hours I gotta check trichomes in a little. What’s everyone think about my plan and my buds and any direction one could throw my way would be great. :v:


You have to wait for the pictures to fully upload before posting. None of these came through.


I thought it did. My bad. I tried to edit it also it wouldn’t let me. Apologies.


You definitely have some thick frosty buds. Most people would leave there flowering space larger than veg space, maybe that would help.


Seeing some N toxicity but your flower looks to be almost ready.


Can you point that out to me I’m new to this. I would like to know what I can do in future. I was sort of aware I had dialed up part one of my 2 part too high perhaps that’s it. But can you tell me what makes you say that and why to look for. Please :pray:

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I want to grow the happiest healthiest tastiest plants. Don’t we all I’m sure. Any help would be great. All I have is these forums and some books.


Looking good actually. :+1:

N excess shows up initially in dark green leaves that progress to ‘taco’ and so on. Excess N in late flower can stall flower production and should be avoided. It can also impart a bitter taste to cured flower.

You are doing great all in all. Just fine tuning your setup.


Hell yes thats great to hear you say and thanks for that tip about the N. I’m using floraflex it’s my first time with a 2 part product so I’m still dialing it In I noticed the super dark green leaves and I do believ it is for the extreme heavy feeding I had attempted in mid flower o usually stay low around 2.0 EC but last harvest posts a member here suggested I add a booster to up my yields and I should be feeding higher because I was feeding too low so I took that in to consideration and tried it out. But I believe. After further research that I went too high on the part one which has all new micronutrients in it because I was watching several YouTubers like medgrower1 and others thy had also adjusted from the factory recommended feeding strengths but there part one was way lower then mine and I had suspected this was the case my self so I said I must lower part one and I did so and it seems to be much better. I do want to improve my girls yields though. I want fat colas on my girls. Thanks. I’m feeding ph6.0 EC 2.6 I use great white myco and mammoth p and em1 but I’m out of em1i also use recharge one vege once every 2ish weeks. I use power S.I. now too I just started using it.

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Day 71 of flower. First day of week 11. I think I’m pulling the big budded one today. Put her I. The dark period. I gave her one ice bath :bathtub: the day before yesterday. I kind of don’t want to add anymore water to the system. What you think out there ??

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Do you have a dehumidifier? I run one flat out the final two weeks or so and get the RH down around 25% to promote a final burst of THC production. I flush with straight R/O until my TDS is:

Soil: .5 EC or 250 ppm
media and hydro: under .2 EC or 100 ppm

I harvest from darkness but really with a good flush I don’t think it matters. I defoliate a week or so before harvest as well, if my ambient humidity is high enough. If it’s gonna be a dry week (under 40% RH) I leave leaves on to slow down drying on the racks.

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I do not have a dehumidifier yet. I willie getting one my humidity is 40% on a high day in my flower tent some reason low humidity in my home it’s been a little higher lately because I’ve been adding more pla ya to the flower tent the more I put in there the more humidity I get. Day time temps mid 70s

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Sounds like you are in pretty good shape. I would suggest doing a bud wash just for GP.

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This is for sure not gonna diminish results and take away terpenes ?? It’s hard to believe that I will not

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Love jorge tho. I am always thumbing through his growers bible. As well as EdA book too the growers handbook. I also use this book the led grow book last book I own teaming with microbes

Do you go by the trichomes on The lower nugs or do you wait untill everything is atleast white and the tops are now amber totally ???

Also will all those orangey/brown hairs/pistols start receding back in to the buds Or not?

It brings out the aromatics. Doesn’t touch any potency. I dry, cure in jars then freeze my excess. I’m still smoking flower I put down in September 2018 and it’s like the day it went in.

There are a bunch of surface contaminants (including white powdery mildew) that peroxide deals with handily and dissipates into water and oxygen.

I take multiple samples. Do yourself a favor and do it like this: clip a tiny sample from a bud calyx (NOT a sugar leaf) and place on a piece of copy paper. Take your samples inside where you can pin the paper down and set up your loupe or scope on a stable surface. I have a 3 mp otoscope that does a stellar job. Check it out:

Pistils will remain white until flower calyx matures then will darken and curl up. FYI there is no THC in the pistils.

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It’s day 71 late in the game idk why o shouldn’t pull her today unless there’s seems to be more stages of maturation left here which I don’t think so on the big cola plant.

so I would wash her off before hang drying ? I got t on watch this video and consult the book I guess. Thanks for that

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