Attempt #3 Bloody Skunk, Lsd25, Red Poison, Northern Lights and Lemon All Autoflowers

Ordered seeds from seedsman on 7/8/21.
Just got my tracking code so my seeds are finally in the U.S.!
Gonna be doing 1 Bloody Skunk, 1 Lsd25, 1 Red Poison and 1 Northern Lights seeds will be here in a few days, and my current grow should be rapping up in a week +/- a few days.
I’ll be starting in my 2.3x2.3 with a ts1000 from marshydro and after veg transferring to my 3x3 under my fc3000 (also marshydro) will be using FFOF for soil cut with 30% perlite. I’d like to try and use FFHF for seed start, just don’t know if I will be able to afford it when the time comes.
On hand I have FF trio’s (soluble and liquid) got some tps Calmag (4-0-0) and some botanicare silica blast.
More as there is more.


Sounds like a good plan… if you are interested I use a place called Greybeard seed bank I have gotten my order within a week of placing it, they accept my bank card through their app to which makes it super convenient. I hate telling people about other companies because of where we are but we are here to help each other

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Its all good. I asked about doing just that and as long as we don’t link to the website they are cool with it. Infact there is a moderator here @imSICKkid who has his own seed company and promotes his seeds on the boards. Thanks for the recomendation.


Long as there is no links then your not breaking forum rules.
And @Docnraq I dont have a company lol I have my genetics I worked and it’s just me, myself, and I. I’ll always stay as a craft breeder.


Do you ship to New Zealand @imSICKkid :slight_smile:

I like that, excellent Title.

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Unfortunately I don’t.

:eyes::eyes:… by any chances can we see some of you breeds sir. Im new around here i see you once in awhile and just found out something new.

This will be my Journal so please seek out sick’s selection in a thread outside the journal.

Best to try tagging @ imsickkid (no space) to get his attn. please start a new thread or find one that is ontopic.

Sorry wasn’t trying 2 disrespect your journal. Was just interested how he was able 2 breed. Usually people toss males

Btw u gave me hope. I order some seeds 10 days after u so i should be hearing about it soon

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Didn’t take it as disrespect. No worries.

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Yay! Yeah I was kinda worried a little was very happy to see the email.

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You can go through my last couple journals to see my genetics. Or look me up on Instagram


Just got the email should get it in a few days. Lemon pie auto, northern light auto, blueberry and white widow photo. Gonna try 2 grow the autos outside

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I wish I could. Apartment living sux that way. Tag me in your journal please. I’d like to watch the progress. Think mine will be here by Saturday.

Will do. Ima add to my current journal i have. Im new 2 everything

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Seeds in mailbox! Going in water tonight!


Out of likes. Cant wait 4 this 4 u

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