Attack of the Sour Diesel CLONES


I couldn’t rest until I got it right :wink::upside_down_face: cowboy… countryboy… close enough? :kissing_heart:


Looks really good. I would love to do clones but have no where to put them.


Very nice!


Looking good :+1:


Wow GT Great work with the clones! Next grow I would like to try cloning…I will be coming to you for advice :wink:


Great job on those clones. Maybe I will try that some day :green_heart: :seedling:


Update: clones were clipped 73 days ago and repotted 13 days ago. I gave them some super cropping over the past couple days and they love it! I was afraid I’d overdone it on a few of the branches but all the tips bounced right back up :sunglasses: I think they’re building some nice knuckles.

They will veg another week in the T5 closet then move into the tent with 600w HPS to start before bumping up to 750 then 1000. Scrogs will also be added.



These ladies will be the monsters they were cropped to be :sunglasses::v::green_heart:


Clones are in the tent!! HPS is dropped to 600 and 17/7 light schedule. Next week I’ll bump it to 750 and 16/8 until it’s time to flip. I’ll add a scrog this weekend. They are 22 inches tall (from the ground) Any recommendation on hight for the scrog?? I think it may be time to flip them sooner than I thought. :thinking:


If the net is going to be whole size of tent and you intend on filling it, I’d give yourself a solid foot or so between top of pots and the net. Just so you have a little bit of room to work.


Thank you for that, I really wasn’t sure how high to go. I do want to fill the space with the net. There’s a mini lemon kush in with them but I’m going to move her back to the closet. I saw a gadget someone shared that lets you attach 6 or 7 LED bulbs and I think that will work. Originally she was going to be a small mini hanging in a 1 gal but she got away from me just a bit. Her leaves are so small and the last time I had one looking like this it turned out to be a male. I wonder if I over handled it :confused: Not really too worried, it was/is an experiment and I have several more seeds of the same.

The LK is in the front, sitting on a milk crate so it can reach the light.


Poor little lemon Maybe she is just a petite young lady! Lookin’ good on the clones though! :green_heart: :seedling:


The clones have been neglected while I nursed little lemon kush back to health. Mr Thunder was feeding/watering them but he doesn’t like to defoil. I’ve also not got the scrog built yet but that’s today’s project (after a visit to my sis to share another taste of my bounty!)

The twins




I got the scrog net built; I tried to keep it as simple as possible because I tend to over complicate things (then give up before completed). So it’s just a square grid to either set on legs or hang. The original plan was to use legs but I didn’t know that one of the three holes in the T joint is smaller than the others. Then I had the brilliant idea to add anther T joint for the option of adding a second net layer (see… couldn’t just do a simple square!) So it took longer than I planned and I had to go back for more Ts (wish I’d known I needed legs then.)

Initially I thought I could get away with wrapping the twine around the pvc (instead of using screws) but once I started it was clear that wasn’t the best way.


Nice job on fabbing the nets! I seen some 4 and 5 way fittings that could maybe make them a little easier.


Some t’s have a smaller holes, but if you look closely at them they’ll be like 3/4×3/4×3/4 or 3/4×3/4×1/2 which would in this case have a smaller holes, no biggie , unless you get home and find out ,right :upside_down_face:
No worries I f’ed up like that the day the water froze up, in a hurry.
Screen looks like a pro did it :+1:


Thanks!!! I’m my own worst critic and see ‘mistakes’ (like too tight on the first set so the ends are bowed) though it’ll definitely work!
I think I’ll get dowels for the legs… we’ll see what pops out at me when I’m at the store :wink:


Looks great GT! The only thing I did differently was I drilled holes instead of screws.


I had forgotten I already picked up larger diameter pvc to use for legs. Tonight I cut them to my desired length but when hubs and I went to ‘install’ it, we discovered the legs need some kind of stability :unamused: Darn thing kept trying to fall on the girls :persevere:
So now I’m back to hanging but since the lights are about to go out, I have some time figure out how to stabilize it :thinking:


Got the scrog net hung, it seems a bit shaky but I think that’s because its hung instead of standing. I was going to get hooks like what the light uses but I realized it doesn’t need to be that robust… so I used the same twine I made the net with :sunglasses:
I still want to figure out a way to stand it on legs instead of hang (for next time) but this will work for now

I know I need to defoil under the net but I think I’ll do a little at a time… there’s soooooo much!


I did a bit of defoiling today, probably not enough but I’m hesitant to get carried away with it. I’m a great procrastinator so the scrog was installed a couple days after the flip to flower. I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it but I can tell I should have defoiled along the way or at least before now. They are so bushy!! :deciduous_tree:

I wish I knew someone wanting clones, there are several viable options on these two :herb::seedling: