Attack of the Sour Diesel CLONES


You know I will… this is the only place I can shout it from the rooftops (so to speak) :sweat_smile::star_struck:


Yep, that was me who performed unspeakable torture on my plant.

I also didn’t have much room on the bottom for splitting, the branches were too low.


Just one step closer to them fulfilling their destiny :heart_eyes: I tend to get a little ruff with my gals (they seem to like it!) :wink:


I mentioned the down under drilling, before, but @raustin just did it.

I’m going to try it when I harvest my next plants, though.

Your girls are looking beautiful!


I get mixed up the most when I ‘meet’ two folks near the same time, like I did you two. At work, there are two new gals that started on the same day and I always get their names mixed up even tho they are not similar in any other way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, don’t feel bad. I can’t remember faces, or names. Lol. It’s a problem.


@raustin, BT and GT: @Donaldj weighed in on stem splitting some time back and I found it interesting. His comment was that yes: stem splitting can increase THC production but is a case of being beneficial only if you have maximized or optimized the rest of the grow. In other words; there are other areas of the grow that should be just right before stem splitting offered any benefit. Low RH, proper nute and lighting schedule etc will do more.

Personally; I like the low RH and run my dehumidifier at around 25% during late flower.

I’ve done the split and found a sharp wood chisel works the best for me.


Stem splitting is a shock event to speed maturation of your plant boost oils and resins but everything before it is more important


But of course everything else is perfect. :wink: I’m struggling to keep my RH up to 25%, and I’m doing flushes to rid the soil of all the built up salts and nutes.

I figured it doesn’t matter since I’m going to harvest any day now.


Final clone harvest happened last night. We started later than planned and it took longer than expected so the only weight we took was the main cola… 88.8 g (about 12g smaller than her twin’s main) The buds are super tight and many of them have a beautiful purple hue on the sides facing the light. I think she’ll dry to close to her twin’s overall weight of 13.5 oz but maybe little less based on the main.

I’ll add the dry weight before closing this journal. This afternoon is dedicated to cleaning out the tent so the autos can move in until I can get the qb ordered.

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

Wow! Very nice GT! How does it smell?

I don’t know about you but Sour Diesel is my main squeeze right now lol. It outperforms everything else.


Smells like nirvana mixed with shangri la!! :star_struck::heart_eyes: Hands down my favorite, which is why I ended up with 2 clones :wink: The mother gave us about a dozen seeds and one so far from the first clone. Next up are 2 autos, WW just started flowering; psycho is a little behind. Also up are 2 each chocolope and gold leaf, 3 week old seedlings. After this batch, I may have to include one SD in each grow.


Out likes, but thanks for the description of the way they smell. I love that part. @GreenThunder


I’ve pretty much had an SD growing since last June lol.

I harvested a WW last month and I’m enjoying it enough to have another growing. I’m saving my Crystal seeds for July.


Great job GT! Those look dank!


Sour Diesel is in my top 5 strains. Congratulations on a beautiful harvest!


Dry weights on SD2 are in… 10.9 oz :star_struck: (plus about an oz in samples taken during flowering, hard times)

Happiness is plenty of full jars :woman_farmer:

An oz for mom as payment for keeping the infant clones alive when we left town for 9 days in November

This finalizes my 2nd journal!! I can’t really thank you all quite enough for all the advice and info you generously share! I could not have had half the success I’ve enjoyed without y’all :v::green_heart: (Alaskan gal with midwest influences) :grin:


You had it all the way!

I named my last Sour Diesel harvest SD2 as well haha!


Great work mate…:+1:


Hubby and I were reminiscing about this strain today. We got 5 seeds from the mother and I might just drop one with my next batch. I’ve got several new strains also… it’s so hard to know what to grow next. Though I do like the idea of a known strain among the ‘new to me’ strains… and sour diesel is my fave (so far)