Attack of the Sour Diesel CLONES


Just simply could not wait any longer! Took this woven branch to dry and sample. :drooling_face::grin:


I support this idea. I hope it was better than expected. It sure looks good. @GreenThunder


How are you preparing for sampling? Typical dry, cure, etc?


Gorgeous! Tell us how it does.


Because I lack patience (and funds) this one will be a quick dry with no cure. Trimmed, stem removed, and resting in a cardboard box in the dark. We’ve done the same with buds from beneath the net and they were quite good for being immature with no cure :sunglasses::+1: This was the first cut from the top.


Trichome check showed bits of amber so Xena was harvested today!! Wet weight total (including previous sample) 1710 grams / 61.1 oz :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

That’s a good haul! Over half a pound, all up. More like 11 oz.


(I wish the pic upload button was where the reply button is… somehow I’ve got them mixed up!)

Dry rack is pretty full :hugs:

The biggest cola was 100.6g!!! :sunglasses::grin::green_heart:

I just love a box full of buds that I grew!! They are soooooo dense! :+1:


And there’s still one more in the tent! :v::green_heart:

She’s not quite as big but will grow another week or two.


That cola in the cup looked awesome. That thing is a beast. :deciduous_tree::+1:


The cup presentation of the bud would be a cool idea for Bud of the month.


Exceeded the mother by 407 g :+1:The gal we took the clones from had a wet weight of 1303 grams. She was topped but not scrogged… and had a bunch of popcorn - not so much this time :sunglasses:

I’m over-the-moon proud and excited and feel a little like I’ve advanced beyond newbie/beginner :nerd_face:


I’ll have to set it up again with a bud from the next batch… unfortunately this gal was not grown from an ILGM seed. The mother plant was a bag seed :grin:

Edit: I have a WWA that sprouted 39 days ago as well as 2 each Goldleaf and Chocolope that have sprouted in the past week… one of these will give me a bud worthy of entry, I’m sure of it!


Took a shot of the remaining clone at lights-out…


I love seeing a box’o buds @GreenThunder! Awesome.


You should be! Fantastic harvest!


Great haul and fantastic looking buds! You should be proud!


@GreenThunder man those buds are fat


Looks fantastic! Awesome job @GreenThunder


Got a bit behind and missed harvest, but she looked tasty and heavy!