Attack of the Sour Diesel CLONES

I hadn’t planned on taking clones from my very first grow, but Dianna (sour diesel bag seed) is such a great success I didn’t want to miss out on more of her. She is super sticky and stinky… pistils and tricomes galore!!

Three clones were cut 25 days ago when the mother was 2 weeks into 12/12 (pretty much as soon as we knew she was a she) Pistils had already started but I took very small cuttings from the very bottom. I only really wanted 2 and didn’t expect all 3 to survive, so a friend took one off my hands.

This is my first time having clones, so I’m following others’ journals and posts for advice, knowledge and ideas. I plan to scrog the them in the tent once the big gals are done; until then (early-mid Dec, I hope) they will have to live in the closet under T5 florescent. Their roots have reached the bottom of the solo cup, so this week I will put them in their “forever” home - one will be a 5 gallon felt pot with coco and the other a 3 gallon hempy. Nutes will be GH Flora trio.


Looking good. How did you get that pic of the trichs?

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I don’t know if you figured out yet (I didn’t at this point) but that “bag seed” is pretty special. A clone from a true female as opposed to a feminized plant is a strain you may wish to keep alive. Plants from that mother will be more stable and much less prone to stress related hermaphrodite triggering. Just FYI.

My first grow was unknown bag seed. Someday I may purchase seeds to do just what you are doing.


I picked up this unit on Amazon; it clips to your phone. You can also make one with a lens from a laser pointer or old point-an-shoot camera.

I took a dozen pics and most were no good. It’s not easy to get a clear pic but I’ve heard some folks snip a small piece to set on a table for viewing.


Those clones are looking great @GreenThunder !! You’ve got it going on! :green_heart: :seedling:

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The seed came from a very good bag, tasty and a really good buzz. We found two seeds early in the bag - by burning them in the pipe! :persevere: This is why we should grind but hubby usually stuffs chunks. So he diligently cut the rest of it looking for another seed :wink: Just as he was about to give up, there it was… one last unburned seed :innocent:

Since she’s in mid flower now, is it to late to take more clones? Or is it better to take clones from the clones (once they’re ready)? OR how else can I perpetuate her? You are so right, I am certain we will want more again :grin:

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Clones from a flowering plant are the best! That’s called “monster cropping” I have a GL monster cropped clone going now. Often they are more vigorous than the mother plant. Definitely more vigorous than a normal clone. Always take your clones from a flowering plant if possible.

Yours look to be doing really well!


Thank you FD :sunglasses: I owe all my success to the many kind folks here (along with a touch of beginners luck)

This all started as hubby’s project but I had to research the ‘dirt’ we picked up that turned out to be coco. He’s not into research (prefers status quo) but I got pretty absorbed in it. Idk who said it, but early on I read this: if you want top shelf product, arm yourself with knowledge. He was reluctant to do anything but I put my foot down and took over :wink:


I tried one of those and it was crap. Maybe I need to revisit

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It does take a lot of practice. I found the lens needs to be pretty much right on top of the leaf/bud. A steady hand is necessary, I try to rest my hand on something. Try clipping a small leaf tip and set it on the table. Also rest one corner (or 2) on the table for more stability.


I’m not a fan of those clip on deals. Too hard to use imo

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They are very hard and my hands are not steady adding further challenge. I do also have a loupe for checking but haven’t tried pics with it (using the phone)

So I left town for 9 days and left my mom in charge of my little tribe of ladies. She was super nervous while I was way to busy and distracted to worry at all :wink:
The flowering girls are more amazing than I expected but the clones seem to be struggling a little… they are both growing single finger leaves.

Temps may be lower than ideal but does that cause this or am I missing something else? I repotted them just before I left.



Here are my clones and clone journal. I really hope these gals survive because their mom is amazing! I want to try to reveg her too.


They are re-vegging they will start to grow regular leaves soon…they do that when you take them from flower…mine did/are doing the same thing… @GreenThunder


The roots looked really good and they sure are growing so I wasn’t overly concerned but I do appreciate the confirmation. I’m pretty excited about these little gals, gonna scrog them up when they’re ready.
How long should they veg? They are under a T5 florescent for now. Once mom is harvested they can move into the tent with 600 HPS.

The transplant was 12 days ago.


They look just as crazy as my monster crop clones. Lots of branching, dense leaves, and tons of preflowers. They look almost the same age as mine. I’ll be following along. Thanks for tagging me. @GreenThunder


I’m quite pleased with the SD clones; they’re showing nice new growth and should be moved into 5 gallon felt pots this weekend.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 because it was spelled incorrectly… lol. Clones look great though @GreenThunder

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@Countryboyjvd1971 :sunglasses: I had it wrong, that’s why the tag didn’t work… details often elude me :smile:

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