Attack of the Clones?

Hi All,

I am hoping to try a SOG for my next tent grow, which should available for the new launch in the next week or so. I have two plants in an elevated garden bed that are doing very well (translation: they’re growing way to big for the area I allocated, my bad) and I’d like to take the clones from these two plants. I’m afraid I’ve left it too long and they’re not in veg anymore, any thoughts?


You can clearly see the white pistols, maybe too late. I’m sure one of the experts here will help you. Nice plants! :evergreen_tree:

You can clone them no problem. Bringing the clones inside, you risk bringing in pests.

You should spray them down with straight hydrogen peroxide before bringing inside.


Agree with @AAA ,don’t bring pest inside with you by accident.
They will re-veg easily since they are not that far along. BTW, I picked up an Oxy-clone 20 and have had 100% success with it. It takes a bit of time and I usually have to give some nutes along the way while the roots get along well enough to plant or put in Hydro system.

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These guys gotcha faded! Id go outside with a bottle of alcohol, 3 cups of water, a big aloe vera plant, and a very sharp blade.

Sterilize blade.
Take 3 inch minimal cuttings
Cut 45 degree angle at the bottom and dip into aloe vera branch.
Drop into water.
Repeat about 30-40 times :joy::joy: ok maybe not that much… maybe more :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5:

And for the love of all things sticky green and reefer flavord… peroxide:water mix sprayd HEAVILY. Accidental pest infestation is a real threat. Id comb over each while they dipped in aloe juice


Lay a trellis over here and start weaving branches u wanna spread her side ways asap just let her flower u can take clones under the canopy up to 3 weeksbin flower …(when you should do some defiling as well to expose flower sites to direct light and not even look like you touched her just try and spread branches apart so light penetrates as deep as possible don’t be afraid to bend a branch clear 90 degrees and tie it down the under canopy will reward you if you do this open up the middle and u will kinizive the larf or fluffy useless buds

Thanks everyone, I took 12 yesterday and so far so good. I appreciate the point regarding pests and I hit them hard with a peroxide mix spray.

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