ATL first grow. Outdoors


First time grower here. Late 30’s and only a 2 year weed smoker.

Decided that it’s a really awesome plant and can be used a million ways. Then my engineer mind kicked in and I figured I’d try my hand at a grow…

Grow was all outside.

Light: Sun
Soil: ocean forest
Nutes: Fox farm big bloom
Seed: Zkittlez


It’s already flowering as it was started kinda late as the daylight hours are much shorter now. Next year get them in by June 1st and you will see a much more bigger plant.

Look up the summer solstice and get you an almanac, engineer.


Welcome to the neighborhood @ATLien , nice looking plant!


Nice looking plant. You kinda started late and also on a small pot. Take this as a lesson for the next grow. She still will produce nice bud and will stretch and bit more since she flowering


My idea exactly. Use this as a test. Learn about the nuances etc. Try again when the season permits.

From one Engineer to another use KISS. Germinate as early as you can, grow like hell till mid Aug. Photos flower in North East mid Aug. Harvest as late as you can, Mid to late Oct or later if you can. Happy growing and welcome to the club.


I’ve always struggled with KISS lol

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Can you bring it in if the temps drop too far before harvest?

Welcome, nice job for a late start. Don’t know where you live but on the east coast I start them indoors around April. Then take them outside middle end of May.

Yep, I’ll be keeping a close eye on temps

I also started late but got lucky by a few weeks. Than I learned about autos and gave it a try have 2 right now in pre flower and 1 still a baby