ATF x northern lights auto grow journal


These 5 sprouted on 9/27 so they are roughly two weeks old. Really looking good and no problems so far. These are the best looking seedlings I have ever sprouted. I looked around for some seed starter mix and everyplace locally is sold out so I just took some dirt from a bare spot in the yard to start these in and it couldn’t have worked out any better.


Looks like they stretched pretty far early on, but they look good! Nice job!


Hey get a fan themm it will make there stems stronger



I had them a good ways from the light starting out after they cracked seed and I first put them in the dirt. Didnt want them to dry out, I figured it would take a week or so for them to break through the soil but they jumped up really quick in just a few days. I had to stake a few of them my fan kept pushing them down. I will transplant once and bury them slightly deeper, when I decide they are strong enough I’ll put them into their final pot. And this is also my first grow using led lighting as I am experimenting with the cheaper lights to see if i like the way they produce.


Update on natf #1 and naft #2, as I started them in cups instead of the gallon juice jugs, going to transplant them into their final ya’ll can see by the roots it was time to transplant heres naft#1.

and naft#2I will wait a few weeks until I see more roots before transplanting the other 3.


Natf1 and 2 took a little shock and showing some slow growth compared to 3 4 and 5 that I didn’t Transplant but all in all still looking pretty good. Heres naft 1

and here’s #2 here are 3 4 and 5 looking nice and strong


OK so I have went a head with a transplant for #3,4,and 5. They are getting close to a month old and should start flowering here in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they will not be shocked to much from the transplant. But here they are I will start with naft#3

and here is #4 and #5and here are the first 2 naft#1and finally naft#2


So I have done some trimming cut most of the bigger fan leaves letting more light in to the lower stuff, also all have been super cropped. I can already see that the ATF strain has taken over the the gene pool in these ladies as they are already sticky with tricoms all over and smell like cat piss.but here they are 1-5


Well its been a while and a lot of work moving everything and finally got everything where I want it. In the mean time my five multi strain(northern lights, Alaska thunder f@ck, pineapple express, and blueberry) plants have reached prebud and showed their sex. Had to pull # 2 and 5 due to being male. But not bad still have 3 ladies left # 1 is in the front left of the pics #3 is the back left and #4 is the back right the plant in the front right side of the pics is my og mother just for clones.

I am also really liking this light it’s a gaxalyhydro 300w led it was a cheapo from amazon thunk I got it for like 70 bucks but well worth the money and I can see it saving loads by not having to run a/c to keep my room cool.


I have pulled these gals out of the closet to get some better pics I’m impressed with the light and growth and glad to get the right formula of dirt I do nothing but water and feed and run off is good averaging around 6.3 and the Temps are way better with the led staying at room temp 68 to 73 instead of the high 80s and low 90s like with hps


Nice looking girls!:heart_eyes:


Well one of my gals has decided to take off stretching even after taking her out from under the led and placing her in the flower room under 600w hps so I just went ahead and bent the main stalk hoping to slow her upward growth. I can tell a difference in the hours of light she is getting compared to the others that are still under 18hrs but here is stretchy

the other 2 are staying somewhat short and brushy with the lower limbs now taller than the main stalk. An interesting limb that I super cropped some how it made it turn into 2 limbs growing together like simese twins. And very impressed with the size of my main stalks are they are huge for no older than these ladies are. But about 2 weeks into full flower and got some nice looking buds starting to form


I got my early Christmas present I got for myself and got two of these ladies under my marshydro reflector 96. And I’m not sure if it’s just a different pheno type or the light but these 2 have many many more bud sites and lookING like they are going to make some huge buds


Update on the ladies, and the 2 under the led are just getting thicker

meanwhile the gal under hps is looking like a totally different strain altogether. Guess thats what ya get when mixing four different strain that I know of, who knows what is actually in there…smokes all the same in the bong!


So been a few weeks since I last updated not much going on other than where these ladies were so thick I decide to take about 8 to 10 limbs out of the middle to let more light into what I have left. I have taking the limbs and placed them in the bubble cloner and with place into dirt when roots develop. Been about a week since i cut the limbs and clones are still lookin good with some lower growth yellowing and dying off. Most are showing white bumps on stalks and should start showing roots any day now. These have really shocked me how massive they have gotten I hope the buds turn out the same…anyways here are a few pics


Gals are looking good! Gonna get some yuge buds off these ladies!


@Allen13420 man you killing it my friend, great job


From the looks of them, you should end up with an excellent yield!


Very nice ladies there bud, is like to know how your harvest is! Happy growing


Thanks guys!! They actually look better in the pics than real life… they still have a ways to go just loose and stringy. I just started the first week of feeding beastie blooms and by the foxfarms feeding schedule you only feed beastie blooms a couple of weeks but I will go ahead and feed it for an extra week or maybe two. Before switching to the chiching. I have got them worked up to a full feeding everytime and starting to push beyond the limits of reason and feeding more and more. And they take it so why not. My personal record for one plant so far just over 3 1/2 oz. I believe one of these will break that record.