ATF in my hydroponic box


Looking cool.
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Got it.
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I edited topic to be in line with forum policies, please refer to this as something like ATF moving forward.

Please tell me about your grow box. Size, specs, etc. Also wondering if you’ve had others grows and what you typically produce in here?


Nice @Growmedic, nice to meet you. I was going to ask if you are in Alaska. But your bio answered it. Were you at in BC? Maybe you are close to @Spudgunner. You should check out his thread if you want to to chat w someone near you.

I grew up on “the beasters” weed you guys sent south. That’s what we called it back in Spokane anyway as a kid. The pressed brick BC bud.

I live seattle side now…

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Thanks for the tag @noddykitty1 . Hey @Growmedic you in the valley or Interior or up north? I’ve been curious to see how those boxes produce, keep posting so we know!

This was my previous grow in my producer.
I bought it second hand with only 2 previous grows by owner.
I own a restaurant on a seasonal golf course so it works great for me.
Its very forgiving during my busy season that i can not spend as much time.
Both these grows were basically plant, nutes, and top up every 2 weeks.
18/6 for 2 months of flower, flip to 12/12 for 2 months.
I use mantis nutes as its an all in 1 for the entire grow cycle.
It works great for my short grow season.
I have 5 alapulco gold germinating now.


Is that what the box recommends? Usually there is a 2-week transition into flower period after flip before true flowering starts…so yours were at about 7 weeks of flower when you harvested. It looks like they still had a lot of white pistils on the buds, usually wait until they turn brown/reddish and recede into the calyx, then start checking the trichomes for ripeness. If you let them go for another 2 or 3 weeks, they really would have fattened up and give you a much better high. But it looks like that box produces!

Sorry, youre right. Was a 2 week transition after 12/12 so 14 weeks from this picture.
And 15 weeks to crop.

Well ill let y’all know this evening how its.turned out.


Lovely crystals. :grin: