At what point of harvest can you vacuum seal?

At what point after hang drying my bud can I vacuum seal it and freeze it? I’m still a month away from harvest, but I really think I’m gonna get a vaccum sealer, And after removing from freezer to smoke,

is their a curing process?
Thx in advance

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First off, nice work! I’d personally dry and cure them completely before putting them into long-term storage. You want to break down everything beforehand.


I had always heard that freezing makes trichomes brittle and causes them to lose their stickiness making it easy for lots of them to break off and just fall into the bottom of the bag with the “shake”


Put it in a jar, put the jar inside the vacuum bag, then seal it. This will prevent your product from getting crushed.
Credit goes to @Countryboyjvd1971 for that one…


Lots of ideas, the jars sounds like a plan, other than freezing it, I don’t know what to do with it for storage.maybe we ll make butter out of for gummies. How much bud does it look like we ll get? The one pict has all 4 plants, 4 weeks in with pistils.

U can store in jars up to 1.5 years

I agree with the others. Dry and cure, then there’s a number of ways you can store for long periods. But I’ve also been pointed away from freezing bud, unless for extract.

Yeah I guess I’ll be a burping baby, ha, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me through my first grow, at times it was a struggle, but I took a breath, stood back, and didn’t do anything till I got sum expert advice. Here are some of the lates pictures, I’m probably still 4 weeks out,

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Tomorrow I’m going to work on the getting good Picts, I have a jewelers scope and a clip on for my phone they both suck.

They look great! When that final swell kicks in they are going to put out some good weight

Awesome, I have the light maxed out at about 22” for most of the canopy, the one white rhino in the back was always stubborn so it got a lil taller on the back side , and I didn’t want to break it.

Latest pict, I swear I see amber tricombs, 34 ish days since pistels. Opinion please

Make sure you’re looking at the bud itself, not the sugar leaves. I do see quite a bit of amber there, though.

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I agree, those do kinda look like sugar leaves. you still have a lot of white pistils too. Wait until your pistils are receding, then start looking at trichs on buds.

I’m pointing camera right at the top of the bud, trying to not get sugar leaves, so where should I be looking?

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This is miss white rhino, her and her sis are getting brown.


They’re getting close, but still another couple weeks, I’d say. They look great!