At what height start flowering stage

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m about to start my first grow as a beginner trying to find as much info as possible my seeds coming in very soon I got Bianca feminized my grow tent is very small 4x2x5 ft tall wondering about what height I should start flowering stage with a tent so short also going to try to low stress train my plant and tie to my fabric pots which are 2 gal to start and 5 gal final going to do that after I top what you think

I have a small grow box. So i did LST and trimming topping to get more yield. After you start flowering they slow in growth after first couple weeks. My first grow so i experimented.

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So if your ceiling height is 5’, we’ll say that your pot you’re going to use is 8-10". What lights are you using? We’ll say your lights measure 10" too. So with just your lights in the tent, and a plant in a pot, you’ll really have about 3.5’ of grow space for the actual plant. From doing research, it seems to be that a plant will double its size once it begins to flower. But, if you learn some pruning techniques, you can grow your plant very wide, instead of tall. If you’re growing tall plants, you’ll have to switch them into flower after they’re only about 1.5’ to 2’ tall. i would definitely suggest to learn pruning techniques so you can maximize your yield in your particular grow space.

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generally at 12-16 inches for hybrids/indicas or at least 30 days up to 60 days - Some 100% sativa and sativa dominate hybrids strains only require 3 weeks of veg. LOnger veg bigger the plant !!!

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Nice answers everybody!

A good rule of thumb is to give it enough room to about double its size as it stretches through about the first two weeks of flower.

How many plants are you thinking of growing in there? 2 of them grown and trained for about a 2x2 ft canopy each?

You probably won’t need any bigger than a 3 gal container if you are doing 2 plants side by side in there.


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