At what age or growth are nutrients added?

At what age or growth are plants added to the hydroponic? Also when are nutrients added gradually?
I have started 2 northern lights inside on 5/21 and they’re both happy and well. Yesterday I did transfer them from the covered nursery with some into a large pot, still covered. The temp is 80*, humidity is 70* . They have vegetarian. It seems they should have several sets of flowers and a strong stem before placed in they’re permanent hydro pot.
Right now I’m continuing to mist, keeping a shot glass placed down in the soil.
Can someone please advise on approximately when to gradually add nutrients for veg?
I appreciate all help.

In soil, you don’t typically add nutrients until the 3rd or 4th section of growth, or you see a deficiency. Start with 1/4 strength, you can always add more, but it’s difficult to flush and rid of excess nutrients. This does depend on what kind of soil you’re in. Some soils are more nutrient rich that others.
Hydroponic growing (soilless) you start nutrients right away, a bit low, but you still give them some.
I hope this helps. If I missed something let me know. @JBC13

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Sounds good and makes perfect sense. I have one set of leaves on each plant. For now they’re inside under a grow light. Definitely too small for the hydro.
Thanks again for your help!

@JBC13 so you have both hydro and soil you’re growing in?

I started both tap roots in soil. First grow. I thought they’re too small to place into the hydroponic system now. Waiting for them to get more sets of leaves and a stronger stem. I hope I’m going about this right !
They seem happy . Any advice ?

If they seem happy don’t change a thing. Pictures are always great as a verification to make sure they’re happy… :wink: @JBC13 happy growing.

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I’ll take pictures later on today. Last pic’s 2 days ago. I’m surprised at how quickly they grow in height plus I have 2 more leaves just within those couple of days. I need patience cause I so want them growing in the hydroponic pots !

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Pictures would say a thousand words. When you say hydroponics pots…are you referring to a traditional hydroponic basket system?



Yes, in 5 gallon hydroponic pots.

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Very neat article. Fantastic.

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