At two weeks and having some problems

So should I just keep doing the heaviness test for watering so it limits how much it gets watered? That way the nutrients are not released as much?

They need very minimal water at this stage. Many people water in different ways but I spray a little circle around the base of the main stem, about an inch away and don’t water again until I see a slight droop in the leaves. Try not to get water on the leaves themselves.

I’d let them dry out a bit first though.

Sorry reached the reply limit. I have been only watering when the pot feels empty of water. I had just watered them on Friday. The only reason I am even worrying is because they are autos, and this is my first time with autos. Everyone has told me that you can’t have any problems like this or it will end bad because of the growing time frame.

When they are that size, the pot lifting technique doesn’t really apply because you shouldn’t be giving them enough water to feel a noticeable difference in the weight.

They need to dry out for awhile.

For watering, I recommend getting a spray bottle and lightly spray the soil around the base of the main stem. That will last them 2-3 days, depending on your grow environment.

Okay will do, thanks for the information!