At two weeks and having some problems

I have always grown outside and never had a problem, but this year I decided to grow indoors. So I spent roughly 300 dollars on my set up, I got two Giixer 1000w Led full spectrum lights, 8" fan, and a humidifier. When i first start i had the lights at roughly 22", I have dropped them to the 12" that Giixer recommendeds for veg state. The problem i am having is my gorilla glue autos are yellowing and turning brown on the very tips of the leafs. My soil is sitting at 7 for ph and I water on

ce a week. I am using a soil mix that has warm casting, kelp meal, bone meal, blood meal, and compost. I did add some Granding Epsom salt because I thought they were showing signs of magnesium decency. I can’t figure out what is doing it, my temp is always between 75 and 81°.I am new to doing it inside and not sure if it is the lights or what. Anyone with advice is welcomed!

Your light is too close. Potentially some other issues too


Looks like nute burn and overwatering too.

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I actually own that light and used it on my current plants when they were seedlings at like 6 inches or closer for days. I doubt that thing fried any plants. Just my experience though. Guess it could vary.

If I’m correct it looks like you’re using a seed raising mix, if you are using a seed raising mix or another type of soil with added fertilisers you will not have to feed your plants with liquid nutrients for the time being.
Also if you research up on feeding schedules for nutrients most of the research will lead you to use less nutrients then most company’s feed charts suggest.

I hope this helps, happy growing. :grin:

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How often are you watering? I think you had a spelling error on your OP. If it’s once per week you should water less but more often. Like just a 1/8 cup but do it every 3/4 days. Or spritz it with a water can until just the soil around the stem is damp/wet and do that every 3 until the roots are deep. Little plants like that do NOT need much light. That big light might be burning them.

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They can’t be but maybe 2 weeks or so you don’t have to blast them with love and over think yourself. Just take it one step at a time and try not to make too many changes you can’t monitor… I think if ya get the light back up to 20" ish and let the soil feed them for another 2 weeks you can then make a call. At this young and the enriched soil you talked about they shouldn’t need anything but proper light and air. Don’t doubt yourself or over think it. They aren’t in that bad a shape at all.

Don’t over think it.

Young seedlings don’t need much except proper temps, water and light.
They’ll sprout anywhere

I’m not sure of the soil, but it could be too nutrient rich for seedlings. It also doesn’t look like much aeration material in it.
Which soil specifically?
What are you testing pH with?


Welcome! Solid advice from everyone.

I mixed perlite, 2 coffee cans of warm casting, same with kale, bone, and blood. 2 bag of certified organic miracle grow soil, and about 1/4 bag of miracle grow certified organic compost.

Sounds very nutrient rich. It might be a bit much for young plants. They may grow into it, but in the future don’t go nuts with the amendments.

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I usually water about once a week, once the pot feels empty, i water them.

I have been ph testing with a digital ph water tester. Drinkslinger it is my mix that I use out side and figured it would work fine. I was trying to set up the plants to were i wouldn’t need to use all the nutrients products.

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Sounds like your soil is too hot for seeds. I would skip the miracle grow products in the future. they are time release formula products and not good for Marijuana growing.

I believe the one used is not your typical time release fertilizer miracle grow.

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It is not time released, it is so possessed to help build a living soil biome.

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Because of the nutrients in your soil, every time you water, you’re feeding the seedling. Way too early for nutes, hence the burned tips.

ok got it.

You can see bleached surface on leaves, that only happens for 1 reason. The leaves were likely showing some damage from another issue making them more susceptible to light damage, but doesn’t change where the plants are currently.

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Didn’t know other issues make them more susceptible but makes sense, thanks.

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