At day 50 when and looking good

day 50 of veg all doing well only have 5ft height to work with, when to flip

using cfl at the moment

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CFL’s won’t cut it when in flower, FYI. Look at investing in a Quantum Board: latest tech LED’s, very flat profile, passive cooling, can turn them down and get close (if you lack vertical space) etc. The only drawback is they can be pricey.


Also how tall is she now? From floor. Plants quickly double in height when u flip. Be prepared to do some SERIOUS lst

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26 inches from floor , started lst aweek ago. getting x5 cob light this week(friend has really good luck with them)

getting x5 cob this week. friend has had great luck with it

Nice call. N id be flipping asap. Cutting ur space close now


thank you once again friend

De nada hombre. N keep in mind u need to allot space for hanging the light n distance from canopy. LST her harder

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COB’s generally need space to prevent light bleaching and good canopy coverage. Not a great choice if limited in height. Better to be running QB or strips if less than 24" away… @dbrn32 he’s limited to 60 inches of height wanting to run COB’s.


I don’t believe these cobs are similar to what bogleg and I run.

If that’s it, similar to other $100 Amazon lights.

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@dbrn32 this where I am buying from tent and all, it is in town here

Will this work for three blue haze plants in a 3x3x7

Right now I have the tent covered in straight white growing tarp with black backing. Going to add reflective Mylar today or tomorrow

Im not the Doc. But…

means ur only pumping 100w of juice. Ur gonna need more then that to flower with that type of light.

Here’s the light i think. Amazon links r fine

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So what your saying is I would need 5 of these lol to grow in a 3x3 ?!?!?!

Hell no. It would be impossible to control temp in that tent. Id much prefer u get an efficient light for around $150-200. Could spend a few more bucks and do more… but i digress…

And that light ‘could’ grow some weed. I grew some weed with 6 - 6 watt LED bulbs… it was airey and under an oz. but i did it. U get what u put in. HLG has a 100-120 ish watt light that wont be the best in that size. But itll kill what ur looking at

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I think my budget for this first grow is almost busted I got maybe 150 bucks left and that would be In a month or so. I defiantly need some help here . Tag who you have to but if I don’t succeed and at least break even then my wife will have a fit . I need this hobby. Save me !

Ok. U may have to switch to 2 plants… but

Without a doubt. The single best investment u could make at this point.

Do u have a good ph meter?

Could I run two plants and then just make a smaller box for the 3rd I don’t want to waist a plant .

I was going to order a ph meter this week. Right now I’m using a manual ph / moisture/ light level

Hmmm. A meter is almost mandatory… actually that light would flower them all but ud be TIGHT on space. And one may come out better with a third seperate space. I wonder if they have anything cheaper… DB could probably talk u thru a build for around $120 and help u get too the meter too… hopefully he comes thru with coupon codes :joy::joy:

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Purp is correct, those lights are small for 3x3. You could always go with whatever is in your budget and work on it later too.