At a loss. What do I have going on

Had ph issues because of a failing ph pen last grow. Got a new one for this grow and my seedlings are suffering again. I was thinking calcium or magnesium so have added some cal mag last couple of waterings. Just checked on the ladies and its gotten worse in the last 12 hours, tips are dry and brittle to boot. One plant is stunted and the two others are now showing this. It is happening very rapidly.

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What have you fed them other than CalMag? What soil are you using?

Open this link and cut’paste the Support Ticket to this thread and fill it in as best you can.
These are the first questions you’re gonna get asked - this makes it a lot easier to streamline your thread and get answers quicker.
Time is of the essence, don’t let the babies suffer!!! :laughing:

Fox Farms trio in Happy Frog soil. 1/3-1/2 strength ever watering. Ph to 6.0. Got a feeling I have my ph too low here and I have a phosphorus problem.

Link to support ticket @Tylersays

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Hope you work it out. Be cool to see a pic of the full plant. Will help to know if it’s a mobile or immobile deficiency but i would think it’s a burn over any deficiency. Good luck.

Support ticket and pictures :camera_flash: of whole plant.
Fox farms does equal cal mag plus iron. Those look real dry and wind burnt though.
Someone will be able to help. With pics and Support ticket.

I think someone already mentioned but ill point it out again. You said they’re seedlings, and you add liquid fertilizer EVERY watering? That may be the problem. Seedlings dont need much. I would go online and find a proper feeding schedule. You dont have to follow word for word but you’ll get a better idea of when to fertilize. A lot of feeding plans suggest fertilizing once a week and watering whenever necessary. If you decide the liquid fertilzer is too much maintenance, I highly suggest trying out organic dry fertilizers. If you can get your hands on a tub of Gaia Green All purpose 4-4-4 and Power Bloom 2-8-4 do it. All you do is plant the seed in a good living soil, once it is out of the seedling stage you transplant into a larger pot with the dry fertlizer mixed into the soil (in ratio of course). After that bro, water as needed and top dress every two weeks. Easiest grow you will ever do. I promise. Look into compost teas for HEAVY oil production. Good luck.


People may also bring up that those dry fertilizers dont cover the full nutrient spectrum, this is true, but Mother Earth makes very good supplements and their products dont break the bank. Again, good luck.

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At 6.0 cal-mag and phosphorus are locked out.
Happy frog should have some good microbes in it that should typically balance it out but without any more info i would suggest may just giveing cal-mag at 5ml per gal the next couple times i watered them ph at 6.5-6.8

Happy frog should have enough nutrients to last 4-5 weeks you dont need to feed until she asks for it. Usually around the 5th week. Just water and give a little cal mag every few days Do you have a ppm meter you should check your runoff to get an idea weather she needs to be fed or not

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Looks like a a bad nute burn…. :man_shrugging:

Appreciate all the replies. My first grow went amazing and the results were phenomenal doing what I am doing on this grow. 2nd grow which is in flower now has issues due the ph as mentioned earlier and this 3rd grow in veg now is also suffering. Might have been the 1st stain on the 1st grow handled it and these two are much more finicky. I bumped up the ph to 6.4 and watered this morning. Will give them a break on the nutes and and see how they respond to 6.4 thru the week before I go full flush. Thanks again for the ideas and help guys!