At 12 weeks. White widow auto flower

Just wondering if maybe I should give it another few weeks? Not really sure since this one grew a lil slower than the others. First grow.

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How do the trichomes look?

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Yup, need a 30x loupe but 60x is better. Look at the trics on the buds, not the sugar leaves. Hard to tell without a real good close up.

trichs are key.

and for my own curiosity, how long since germination? and what breeder? i want to do a ww auto. how was the grow? what made her slow?

My favorite so far is the blueberry andgirl Scout cookies. Blueberry was done in 12 weeks from start to finish and Girl Scout was done it 10 weeks just like they say and omg it’s amazing bro. My first grow and I loved the out come.

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