Asymmetrical growth , mainlining

Is this trainable for mainlining ?

it’s already doing crazy things any tips

I can see it. It is going to take some time for enough growth tips to emerge.
The alternate / asymmetrical pattern started early. Looking at it I might think it is a clone.
Two growth tips are clearly visible in the bottom picture. It needs 3 more and cut the last one off leaving 4 on each side.
This is one of several I am playing with

This is the same plant 16 days later

This is my first go at this so…for what it is worth.


Great stuff I can clearly see what I need to do with this crazy branching, can’t expect even pattern gotta work with what I have for now , I wonder why my plant got like that , it’s not a clone it’s from seed

It is acting like it is a lot older. Once they get to a certain point, maybe above 5 or six nodes, the branching become alternate where the first sets are opposite.

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O great stuff , I didn’t know the pattern was affected by the stage , I did topped late it had At lest 5 -6 nodes

I can’t tell. Where did to top? Above the third node? I would think normally 3rd node branches would still start with opposite branching. I think you just have a more mature lady. :sunglasses:

Yeah personally I didn’t kept record on this one , i kind of drop them and forgot , they almost dried on me , I wouldn’t doubt that is older either , but very good info on the matter a lot more informed now , waiting on my ties so I can start training, do you know if abnormal amouth of nutes can affect the plant this way ? Maybe like a bigger amouth of bloom on veg ?

No I do not know.
I like to use bent wire as a “earth” staple to hold branches down where I can. You can see a couple of them in the second picture.

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