Assume these are aphids


First grow outdoors, now flowering. I have noticed these under leaves. Have tried to remove them manually but the keep coming back.

Assume a vinegar water and soap mix is ok during flower.

Also my bud is looking sad. Have had a wet summer in Australia and high humidity. This is almost 4 weeks since flowering started.


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Hate to see that but if you’re going to get insects, Aphids would be the easier to kill. Several sprays like a solution of soap and water, neem oil, Capt Jacks dead bug (better of the 3) spray the tops and under the leaves over the next several days :love_you_gesture:

I hear that man we have had alot of rain and theres more to come

I dont think we can get jacks dead bug in Australia

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Can u get Dr zymes

Aphids, Pear shaped. Looks like you are early flower, last chance for a simple one, NeemOil, but not much later.

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