Assembly Required…Parts Will Be Missing

After some serious user error I finally finished my new set up with the help of this amazing community, of course! Setting up the tent was a struggle, still not sure if it’s right lol :woman_shrugging:t2:

I am half way into my third grow. I have 2 sour diesel, runtz muffin, wedding cake, and a train wreck clone.

I trained the skirts off the sour diesels :grimacing: topped, lst, lollipopped, and I just super cropped? to even out the canopy. Been vegging for 2 months. Unfortunately, they are to big to make it into my new 4x4 tent. Like, 3 feet wide! So, these 2 will stay in the shed under the blurples, still 956 watts from the wall.

I will give them 3-4 days to recover from today then they get the flip. Nervous for the stretch.

In the 4x4 I have the runtz, wedding cake, and trainwreck clone vegging under the hlg 600 rspec. They will continue to veg until I almost fill up the 4x4. The clone will get transplanted tomorrow. It was raining today and I was lazy. I know, I know, typical stoner……


I guess I should mention the runtz and wedding cake have been vegging for 5 weeks, but everything was crowded in the shed.

Today is the first day in the tent. I know they love the extra room. Upgrades are so nice!


Starting out with the hlg 600 at 50% was not a good idea. Turned it down to 30%. It is CRAZY the difference between the hlg and blurples!


Looking good!

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Very nice plants look happy !

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Help!! I either over done it with the new hlg light or my plants just hate their new home. In 2 days of being in the tent they look awful :cry:


Wedding Cake

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How much are you watering and how often ? Lift the pots check the weight.

Around 64oz of water every 3-4 days. I just watered them today, the pots were light.

I have a fan in the top corner of the tent oscillating. I had it on 2 because the hlg gets so hot. I just turned the fan down to low.
It doesn’t look like wind burn, but I don’t know.

Temps have been constant 76-78 F and humidity is 57%.

The tops of the leaves feel dry. I hope they are just getting use to the new light

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I used 5 an 7 gallon fabric pots , plants that size I will slow water about a gallon an get about a 10 to 20% runoff . They should perk back up after a good watering.

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My first time trying clones. Took the bottom sucker branches from runtz and wedding cake. Hopefully I get some roots :crossed_fingers:


Whew! I believe the crisis has been averted. I raised the hlg and turned it down to 20% and I also upped the humidity.

The leaves do not feel as dry and the leaves are not twisting away from the light anymore. My girls look much better today!

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With the high prices of hlg lights you would think they would include an “acclimation period” in their user manual. I think it would be helpful to new growers.


I found this online for dimming and height recommendations for the hlg 600 rspec. This information has been helpful to me.

It’s a shame hlg doesn’t include this info in their manual or on their website. I think it would have prevented me from burning my plants.

Sharing to hopefully help others


Should I top my plants a second time to remove the damage from the light burn? The light is currently 28in from the top of the plants at 30% power. I have no way I can think of to raise the lights up anymore.


I know you have your hands full, but do you have any advice on topping a second time to remove my light burn damage?
See post above :point_up_2:

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You can always top any branch the same way as you do the main stem, I’m thinking that you need to find a way to lift your light you’ll need to be able to have more space eventually. Do you have a shorter tent is that the problem?

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In my opinion, the light burn isn’t bad enough to worry about topping again. When are you planning on flipping to flower?

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My tent is 7 feet tall. I just moved the plants from under blurples and put them in a 4x4 tent. I greatly underestimated the power of hlg lights and burnt my plants :cry:

I was going to transplant the plant in the 1 gallon into a 5 gal tomorrow and let it get a bit bigger. It’s a trainwreck clone. So, maybe start flowering them in 3 weeks.

I may have to lst the tops, but I’ve been giving them silica and the stems are hard and woody already.

This is how I have the lights currently. Is there somewhere I can buy shorter ratchet straps to hang the light?

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I would allow the plants to grow and leave the leaves on there unless they brown real bad to where they’re not doing the plants any good anymore. It looks like that’s as high as you’re going to get the light mine has long ass cables so thought yours would be to. I just bought some chain to make mine more adjustable I had it on four of the ratchet ropes but didn’t like it