Asking for input on strain…

Currently growing a Super Mazar and a 99 Dawg. Has anyone grown these particular strains before?

If so, what are some of the things to look for, to do, and how are they with certain nutrients (example: loves nitrogen/hates nitrogen, heavy on phosphorus, etc.)?

My specifics:
Light: FC 3000 and 4 sf1000
Space: 4x4x8
Media: Soil in a self modified self-watering bucket (7 gallons total)
Nutrients: FF trio plus bloom/bud enhancers
Ask for any other info.

Thank you in advance for any information, happy cultivating.


Treat them like everything else and adjust as you see fit. It’s extremely rare that a particular strain needs to be treated significantly different than any other. You may see someone say they run something that is heavy feeder, but this could be from vpd issue or number of other things. Even when its not, something like 5-10% increase in nutrient concentration will usually fix it. Its :+1: not something where one out of ten plants is going to need double the nutrients of the rest.