Asking for a friend lights

Ok I have a friend just starting out so he bought a setup of a 60”x60” tent and it comes with a 1000 watt Iplantop I just think he needs more

1000 watt hps? Should do pretty good in 5x5.


1000w LED Grow Light with Bloom and Veg Switch,iPlantop Triple-Chips LED Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum with Daisy Chained Design for Professional Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants(White) This is the one he’s getting

@dbrn32 this is the one he’s getting it pulls 180 watts with both veg and bloom lights on

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180 blurple watts is not even close to enough for a 5’x5’ tent.

That light is barely enough to flower a 2’x2’ plant.

It’ll be enough to veg about 1/2 the tent though.

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Isn’t there a watt per square foot rule

7.2 watts per square foot is not enough, shoot for 35 - 50.

180 watts divided by 25 square feet.

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Ya I told him it’s not enough he’s coming over today

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He could purchase 5 to 7 of those lights (for that space) or spend about $300 on a light that will get the job done.

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@perry2, to be fair, your friend could use the light that you mention…the plants will likely grow and will even flower. The results will be wispy, small buds. Hardly worth the electricity and effort (3 or 4 months for maybe 4 or 5 grams of larf).

If that were all that I could afford, I would just purchase my buds at a dispensary. Of course, that is only an option if dispensaries are available in your area.

I hope that your friend comes up with a system that they are happy with. My objective here has not to throw rocks at the ideas, it is to provide accurate information so that appropriate decisions can be made.


thank you i’ll be telling him today that he needs more lights i told him in the beginning that lights are the biggest expense but he didn’t listen to me so now he will have to up grade i know i started out with out good lights and had to up grade now i just drop the $$$ and have the best thanks to everyone here

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You could grow lettuce really well with it !
Ok I know this is an old thread but…

But could you?..

Yep! Lettuce is a low intensity plant. Should work just fine! Also probably good enough for seedlings!

He bought 3 more so he has 4000 watts in there now

I hope you are kidding?

Well, now they have enough light for flowering a little over 1/2 that 5’x5’.