ASKing about VENTILATION for Favorable Conditions & almost Zer0 Smell

       I have a small  36 x 20 x 60inch 2000d grow tent, that will be housed in a closet just big enough for it , with a 2 x 2 x 8 space beside tent, and open completely on top of tent 8ft to the ceiling,  with only a shelf on top for storage & tools.  I'm most likely most of the time, like this 1st grow, gonna grow 2-3 autos  with the mars600 led and I have 1 vivosun 4in 190cfm carbon filter at the very top of the tent,hosed just inches out of the tent to the fan which then exited by hose out of hole made in closet just big enough for exhaust hose to go out and under house under bathtub.      
    This Is where I switched it up after initial set up after seeing & hearing what I thought might be more effective way and also questioned pumping that air 

(carbon filtered) in as it appear to be warmer than when bottom flaps were open slightly…
I have an additional 4in carbon filter that I had in the closet, and was pushing that air into tent as intake air.
SO WHAT I did was take the carbon filter & fan that was blowing intake down , AND TOOK hose that was Existing house and connected it to the carbon filter on floor beside tent that was taking down…
SO NOW I have carbon filter - to Inline Fan - into additional filter outside of tent on floor of closet.
Then took the other fan with a home made dust filter and hosed intake air into bottom of tent on low speed, with the Exhaust fan x 2 filter on High speed.
House is Central AC, and a window unit also runs almost 24/7 in that room, just outside the closet.
I’m maintaining to suck in air out of closet no hotter than 79degrees at the hottest point of the day and no lower than 70 at night and maintaining inside tent at plant levels of 77 to 82 degrees during hottest part of day

Didn’t finish post , accidentally backed out and it posted without finishing.
Will most likely be doing my 6 hrs of dark during those few hours a day it gets warmer in house and closet. I’ve also maintained a humidity of 40-55%

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