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@Adrjon99 the reality of the situation is tolerance is unavoidable because of the way our brain reacts, not just with cannabis but with any drug.
Drugs bind to receptors in the brain, at first its very easy to fill all the receptors in the brain as our brain is not used to the substance.
Our body is very adaptable, the brain adapts to this by building more receptors, every single time we are exposed to a substance, so it takes more and more and more each time in order to get the same effect. This is a big reason drugs are addictive, it’s chasing the dragon.
It takes extended periods of abstinence in order for our brain to reduce the amount of receptors so that when we do expose it again we can easily fill a large portion of the receptors with a low dosage of the substance.

When switching strains, some strains have different cabinoids, so our brain will still have built more receptors but not as many in certain cabinoids as the previous strain.
This is why switching strains can sorta work temporarily.

Take tolerance breaks, it’s healthy for you in so many aspects.
The alternative is as follows:
Smoke enough flower regularly that it Bo longer really gets you high, switch to a concentrate, same thing happens eventually, but by now your body is used to 80+% THC multiple times a day.
Many people struggle to quit this even though the cost and effect is negatively effecting them (we call this a dependance in healthcare).
At these levels of dependence, when one quits they get sick as they “detox”. The stronger the substance the harder the detox, nauseousness, vomiting, shaking, insomnia, no appetite, intensive mood swings, cramping…
Sounds like a heroine addict right? Yeah well it feels like the same thing for about two weeks.

In the short, take tolerance breaks, stick to flower stay away from concentrates.


@Thumper has you covered.

However I just want to clarify all coco needs to be washed and buffed, most hydroponics coco companies will do this before it leaves the facility thought, so you shouldn’t have to. It’s important to research your coco brand and get a full spec sheet on it. Or call the number and ask them.

@WhatsupDoc I would suggest you switch to autopots, you can leave them for a week or two. Go check out my autopot guide.


I have a friend getting ready to pull the trigger on a 6 pot system at 3gal. I sent him here as well :wink: Thanks for all you do, @Nicky sorry for jumping in your thread. I was not through my first cup of coffee yet!


Great info. Enjoyed reading your post on cannabiniod hyperemesis a while back also and it’s worth reading as it relates to this topic for some people. Could you post a link please so others can understand this possible outcome from overindulging habitually.


Thanks Fam, I’m glad to have intriguing conversations on a topic I’m passionate about or that my profession is in relation to I Geuss haha (healthcare)

@OverallQuill80 I didn’t actually start the thread but there are a couple, I did reply to one. Here

Two more

The simple answer to cannabis related hyperemesis is to cut way back, try and quit for an extended period of time (30 days min 90 days ideal) and then only consume low doses.
Most of the time we are seeing this with concentrate users, but it can still happen in flower although not as common.

These users will often believe it was something else because they never had a problem before… But the issue is they often have increased their dosage significantly and often for extended periods of time. Their stomachs get scoped and then nothing is found and most are still in denial is my experience. As they don’t always get sick every day its more of a comes and goes thing but generally they are just sick much more often within a week or couple weeks having to vomit multiple times.

Honestly if I had a friend who would listen to me, I would share all this knowledge with them, have a conversation and get them in the mindset that they want to quit. Then have a high dose psilocybin experience, in a very safe relaxing environment (ide dose with them but not as high maybe a micro dose) and that experince can often help trigger their mental journey through the dependency. They can explore their mind and body working through their thoughts and realizing they need to change their habits.

Now that may sound a little off the wall but we are using Mdma and psilocybin in controlled environments to help people get through trauma and addiction.
Trauma like accepting terminal illnesses, coming to tearms with death.
PTSD in many people from abuse victoms to veterans, in order for them to work through that trauma and learn how to pass through the pain while realizing they can feel happy again.
Finally psilocybin and other psychedelics have shown to help “reset” addiction at a much higher rate than without.

Mdma will be approved for use by the FDA next summer in the USA and the DEA will be forced to re schedule the class of drug mdma is within 90 days.
Of course it will be only available in very controlled forums but we are finally breaking through the war on drugs with solid research.
Psilocybin research is a couple years behind but it’s very promising.
These guys are the ones leading the research and are about to get FDA approval.

And of course John Hopkins has been researching these drugs for the last 20 years.


@Thumper Ps don’t worry about answering something, lol all answers are valid. Sry didn’t catch that until now.

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Great info! Thanks again!


Huge help, now I might actually take an extended break. Thank you sm!!

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Sorry I wasn’t specific about that. Your response was by far the most informative in that thread. I’ve had diverticulosis since around 20 years old but I suspect now based on that conversation I’d been adding to the problem by overindulging. Thank you for your contributions to bringing awareness to this issue.

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There’s a documentary about this on Netflix called “How to Change Your Mind “ that focuses on therapeutic use of hallucinogens and efforts to reschedule them.

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Correct there is, it’s a good show actually considering its TV lol.

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It takes 90 days for our brains to start to rebuild dopamine the natural way.

This is another big negative to over consuming, we don’t get much enjoyment out of life because our reward center is overloaded.
That’s why life can feel so Blah…
This is a big part of how drugs can wreck our lives, it happens with alcohol and caffeine or nicotine as well.

It sounds lame but being sober is being high on life naturally, getting high of substances is a burst of extra reward but it only lasts so long and isn’t sustainable.


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