Ash from pellet stove?

Does this have any value in soil building ?
Soft wood/hardwood blend, I am looking to amend my native soil which non draining clay 8 inches down from the topsoil, thoughts?

Gypsum mixed into the clay will help

I use woodstove ash on my compost piles. I’ve got clay soil too.

I also use wood ash in compost pile, but you have to be careful, as it can raise PH very quickly. If you soak the wood ash in water for a few days to leach the lye out of the ash, you can then test the PH of the water to get a sense of how a given amount of ash will affect you PH (just be careful handling the water, as the concentrated lye can burn your hands.) I’ve never had a pellet stove, so not sure exactly how the ash compares to straight wood ash. Also, do you know if there are any additives in the pellets, or are they just compressed saw dust? I used wood ash in my recent indoor grow, and I struggled with high PH throughout most of the grow. I just threw a handful of ash into each 5 gal soil mix, without checking how high the ash would raise PH. Even in the compost pile I go light on the amount of ash I use.

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