As we begin - 3rd grow

I am beginning this grow journal before the start of my next grow. The grow tent is 10108 running two LED lights one 1800 W the other 1200W. Soil is a mix of coco, and perilite. All plants will be grown in three gallon cloth pots. I will be growing a super skunk in this grow, and most likely only one. @Nicky


@GAlex try to provide more details on your first post.
I think you made an error on your tent? What size is it?
What brand is each light? Look up what it’s actual Wattage is not it’s advertised replacement Wattage is claimed. What % are you mixing your soil to coco and what type of soil what type of coco?
Just one plant to clarify, you souned like multiple plants were going to get grown but said only one super skunk?
Do you have fresh air intake and exhaust?
How is your air system setup?

Have you ran the lights in the tent to find out what your Temps/ humidity is?
Do you have a controller for your fan/dehumidifier.

Details man give us details lol

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The tent size is 10x10x8. The lights are actually a Exlenvce LED consumes 260W, the other light is a King Plus LED 1200W and I have pasted the information for it below. As far as soil is concerned, I am using a soiless mixture of 60% coco 40% perilite. As far as the number of plants, I always plant two seeds, but usually only end up growing one plant. It will be the Super Skunk. The plants have a room in my kennel building, I vent the plant tent into the kennel so that the dogs can benefit from the oxygen, and in return the plants benefit from the CO2 the dogs are putting off. I am using a 6" inline fan to move the air from the tent. Temperatures stay above 50 when the lights are off and are around 70 when they are on, humidity with no plants in the tent is around 30% and with plants around 55. I have two large oscillating fans that hang from the ceiling and are on 24/7, and when the plant gets larger I will SCROG it using bungee and PVC piping. I am planning on growing with foxfarm nutes and will be providing the nutrient water to the plants only when they become dry. I hope this answers any questions you have at the moment but if not please let me know. I really do appreciate the help.

-Dimension: 15.8 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches

-Replaces a 800 watt HPS/MH

-Item Weight: 6.61 pounds

-LEDs Angle: 120°

-100pcs Dual-Chip 10W LEDs

-Avg. Power Draw: 185W

-Input Voltage: AC85-265V

-Working Temp: -68~104℉

-Frequency: 50-60Hz

-Lifespan: 100,000 hours

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Have you grown in coco before ? Plants really benefit from daily watering (when they have established a root system ) with nutes (fertigation) when grown in coco @GAlex


@Watt-Sun first off, I LOVE the name. I have grown my last two grows in close to the same mix the first had a little soil in the mix as well but the second was this mix. I find that my pots stay a little moist for a day or two from watering with this mix though.

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Such a large space, save up for a high quality light and run another plant or two! Lol.

Following, sounds good, dogs and kennels eh

I have afghan hounds, and have been breeding for 16 years now. I only have a litter every couple of years though.

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Nicky, can you give me some ideas of what you are speaking of when you say a high quality light? The two I have have done pretty good for up to three plants, I just wanted to try growing a single plant so I could focus on just one this grow.

High quality light is like a DIY or HLG or something else similar, that produces alot of photo radiation for the plants to absorb.

Change of plans going to go with two lowryder auto for this grow.

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In my true style I decided to drop four seeds because often only 50% pop. I dropped two White Widow Auto and two Low Ryder Auto three days ago. As of today two LRA and one WWA have popped and been transferred to small peat bullets and placed in the tent to finish coming up.

Use a jiffy puck starter dome, I have had all but 1 seed pop and I think it’s because I over watered it but not sure.

Hope your still giving those other ones some time to pop sometimes they take a week

Yeah I am definitely doing that. I use the Jiffy pucks.

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