As I didn't "pinch" the tops, they're nothing but "leaf" trees

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My neighbor said that, seeing as I didn’t “pinch” the tops, they’re nothing but “leaf” trees.
I have asked this before and out shear terror that none will produce, do I need to do that in order to get
a good product ??

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No you don’t have to pinch anything to get a good harvest , il post a pic where I did no pruning watso ever just as a trial, it still has weeks to go tho but got a good harvest.

I normally just prune the side branches


Pinching (AKA - FIM) is not a requirement for your plant to bloom. Depending on strain, it will automatically flower around week 5-6 and harvest in about 100 days.
Photo strains begin flower when the light to dark ratio is 12 light 12 dark (hours).
Your neighbor is high…:grimacing: