Artistry Under the Influence


I’m not a drummer, but I tend to agree.
I attempted to program one of the bass drum/hi hat pedals from my ancient Yamaha multi pad kit attached to the the 1/4” jack of the iRig pads to play C1, but it won’t perform any type of command (note or CC). I’m confident the right footswitch will remedy this. In the meantime, I started a finger drumming course online to increase my coordination and overcome the lack of a bass drum pedal. Maybe I should just get a MIDI to usb interface for the Yamaha kit it may be ancient but it has foot controllers for both the bass drum & hi hat


I can finger pad really well but I still lose a lot having to accommodate a kick drum with my hand.
Like doing a drum roll across the toms with cymbal hits coordinated with kicks…


Check out these charcoal drawings I got done off my kids…

Drawn by none other…
then our very own…


And I must apologize for the crappy photo’s, they don’t do the quality and detail any justice at all.

Thanks Alan, you knocked it out of the park, deadset humdingers. The Mrs was absolutely gobsmacked! :wink: I’ll be emailing you a couple more pics for another 2. (Me and the Mrs)

Thanks again mate, your a true talent :wink:


@Powaforce that is awesome!
@DieHigh55 you are a very talented stoner!! lol
great shadowing!


Glad to be of service, my friend, any time! And of course, glad the Mrs.was…:grin: gobsmacked! Looking forward to working with you again.


Out of likes but those are great @DieHigh55 :+1:


you should be making good money doing those @DieHigh55 art is a passion i know,but passion don’t pay the bills…lol
i would suggest getting with the powers that be and come up with some @ilgm strain t-shirt design…
might be totally worth it for you!


Hell, I’m not even making bad money, but your right, it is a passion and I enjoy making people happy with my art, like @Powaforce, and that’s more important than the money…sort of.


i know the struggle inside is real! lol
that is why i suggested the t-shirt design, a commercial application of your talent!


That’s a clever idea! Maybe something with @Willd’s nose hits…


i would come up with some drawings and submit to say ILGM.Support.Roy,or latewood for review…
lol, my favorite strain so far is blueberry auto,have not grown photo BB yet .
my vision is a blue berry guy in a running suit/jogging clothes
setting would be anstradam or even beale street, or ‘‘blueberry street’’ burbon street martie gras
any thoughts
boy you could do some really wicked drawings with white widow/or chronic widow…
i could rough out some pics for ideas if you want to colaborate @DieHigh55


or say for the blackberry kush!


Me like! Let’s present the idea to to ILGM and see what they say. Too bad the Moby Dick I grew not long ago isnt a ILGM strain…a stoned whale !


out of likes i’ll start brainstorming!


Great idea. I’ll grab a goldleaf and a strawberry kush so far lol and when my auto mix pack gets here and I get one of each to harvest I might just go 1 or all of those too. Especially with an artist of such high calibre on board. Might even be a way to post out seeds stealthily. Good luck with it guys, ya get my vote :wink:


Made me think of an old Pink Floyd album, 1969 Ummagumma…

I think you have someting very interesting here @Willd, I going to listen to the others too :wink:

I sing a bit, maybe I will try to add something, with your permission, and repost here if I came up with something interesting enough :wink::microphone::notes:lalala :notes::microphone::wink:


per @BIGE suggestion on this frigid day

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Frikkin awesome dewd!


I especially like this one Willd.


that’s a good ern’ @Willd