Artistry Under the Influence


“Good morning Mr. Benson, I see you’re doing well
If I had me a shotgun, I’d blow you straight to Hell”


My latest attempt at artistry is putting 80% of my new purchases back in their boxes for return.

The only thing I’m keeping is the Mustang bass and matching Fender case.
The Amp is Taiwanese garbage. The key-bed surface of the 88-key MIDI controller is very uneven having a discrepancy of > 4-5 cm between the C4-C5 range and everything above of below it.

I know it’s not a Steinway nor was that what I was expecting. But I don’t expect my finger to get hung on the edge of the nearly every key when I try to execute a simple ascending or descending Glissando either.


That’s the octave, you mean?


Yes the height of the keys is all uneven like there is a hump under them


Those are amazing! Well done. I wish I had some kind of talent like that. I always wish I could play a musical instrument or paint or something like that. My brain works more in the sciences. My degree from college was microbiology so you can see which way my brain leans. Those pictures are amazing though! great job


That must be rather annoying, having your music come out all humpy.


Thank you, I wish I would have had more of a brain for school. I got as far as 2 1/2 years of uni majoring in music before I gave up. My wife has alot of experience teaching kids with learning disabilities and she’s pretty sure I have ADD, which would explain quite a few of my “issues”. Glad you like the artwork, though.:+1:


Learning all about virtual drum kits and how to use them in Garage Band. Have a grove controller coming tomorrow to make beats and everything else these home studio marvels can do. I’ve been messing around with my standard MIDI keyboard to check out a few different kits and tweak some of the sounds I can get from Drummic’a which is a FREE drumkit from Sennheiser. (highly editable via selecting from numerous microphone selections for each aspect of the kit) front of kick drum behind kick drum, floor tom, toms, snare, cymbals, & high hat each offer 2-4 different mics to choose from each with slightly different properties.

Took me a bit to get the translation squared away but I did get it figured out and download the installer as an .iso mounted to the desktop.

Mostly going to use the iRig Pads to learn finger drumming. I’m trying to incorporate more modern instrumentation and grooves into my original ideas. Electro jazz/funk something or other. Americana thrash-hip Jazz-hop fusion

Ha ha ha ha
Trout Mask Replica for the new millennium
This is a video of the controller being used by a pro.


Very cool


Been meaning to put this up too


Nice work there. Looks like you have the touch with figured woods.


I built a high end humidor company during the cigar craze and learned to work with exotic woods.

I just finished a jewelry box with the last of the Birdseye maple used to make the dining room table 25 years ago. I’ll get pictures after she opens the package.


OK so I’m really getting into it now.

I love the virtual instruments and plug-ins just having a hard time learning how to make them all work together
Really digging the Korg Gadget LS
I got the iRig pads to link up so I may try creating some more beats once I get better at controlling the transport

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

All found stuff, except any paints/color changes.

See the “downed tree”? it is part of a mj tree, lol.


I like to find pieces of trees that I can imagine into different shapes. Like the blue bird head from above. It is a piece of a branch, shaped naturally. This next one is rock and tree made.


It’s cold here.
I’m still having a ball with the Korg Gadget and my iRig pads’

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

OK Here’s another I just chucked together

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

My hardest adaption with a pad setup (playing live in my church band) was the kick drumnbeing triggered with your tapping finger. This limits the reach/breadth of the concept.

Need foot controller FYI
Unless your not a drummer then go have fun kiddo!


Here’s another

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

To close out 2017, I present to you a few more pieces. I hope everyone here has a happy, healthy 2018 with lots of successful stinky green grows. And as Frank Zappa once said on a commercial…if you’re driving, don’t drink. If you aren’t driving, get wasted.

Restless Sleep in Orange